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Heated Towel Rails: A Buyer's Guide

Updated on November 13, 2015

Is there anything better than using a perfectly warmed towel after you step out the shower on a cold winter morning? Heated towel rails were once considered to be a luxury, usually seen only in 5-star hotels. However, over the course of time they became increasingly more popular and now we have reached the point they are a standard fixture in all modern homes.

You are probably reading this arictle cause you have yet to install one and you find the available choices a bit overwhelming. Don't worry, there is nothing to fear! This guide will cover all your questions and help you to find a heated towel rail that suits all your needs. All you have to do is follow the tips down below and you will soon have the perfect heated towel rail for your bathroom:

1) BTU Rate & Size

The BTU (abbreviation for British Thermal Unit) output of your towel heater is the first factor you need to consider before your final choice. Generally, the higher the BTU, the more powerful and effective the heater will be. The output required depends mainly on the size of the bathroom and to a lesser degree to whether or not you’ll be heating lots of large, hefty towels or just a few small ones.

Tip: If your bathroom already has a radiator or underfloor heating then you only need a lower output rail.

Tutorial: How to Find the Right BTU

2) Assess wall space

Ask yourself, how much wall space is free in my bathroom for the rail?

A full-sized towel rail will probably take up most of your wall, so make sure you don't need (or that you won’t sometime in the future) that space for something else. Keep in mind that you always have the option of narrow rails, which can be installed behind a door in space that typically serves no purpose.

3) When will you use it?

Do you need warm towels only during winter or all year round? For all year round, it’s better if you choose an electric or dual-fuel tower rail, or look for a hydronic rail that can be heated from the hot-water system.

4) Style

Is the heated towel rail you plan to buy a part of a whole bathroom refit or just a new addition? Whatever the case, consider the look and impression of the final result. The variety of designs out there is simply huge.

Just choose one that fits both your taste and bathroom. Some of the most common finishes rails come in include chrome, white and gold. However, a specially ordered heated towel rail can come in almost any finish, with virtually any sheen you can possibly think of.

Some towel rails can be really stylish!
Some towel rails can be really stylish!

5) Hanging space

How many towels will you need to hang up every day? Do you live alone or in a household with multiple members? For busy family bathrooms, where everyone needs space for his towel, a large rail with numerous bars is the obvious answer.

On the other hand, a small rail with just a few bars will be more than enough for 1-2 people. Look out for additional features, such as a useful storage shelf or accessories that increase usability. Remember, a towel rail can also be used for other things like clothes. Consider everything your heater towel rail may be used for before making your final decision.

6) Cost

Heated tower rails once used to be a thing for the wealthy. Today, there are prices for everybody’s budget. If your budget is tight, a plain tower rail will do, as long as all your basic needsare covered.

If money is not an issue, get the most stylish rail you can get without of course sacrificing usability!


The above pretty much sum up everything you need to look out for before buying a towel heater.

Don’t forget, this is one of the most versatile products you could possibly install in your bathroom. It can be a hanger, a heater and a drier all together. You will never regret getting one!


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