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Heating and Air Repair in Clarendon County in South Carolina

Updated on August 31, 2012

For the residents of Clarendon County in South Carolina, specifically the Summerton and Manning areas, here are 3 companies that deal in the area of heating and air repair.

1. Clarendon Heating and Air

407 South Mill Street

Manning, SC

(803) 433-2320

*24/hr Emergency Service (as advertised)

2. Gene’s Heating and Air

1682 Main Street

Alcolu, SC

(803) 505-4822

3. Jimmy’s Heating and Air

Manning, SC

(803) 478-5957

I’ve had experiences with some people listed for this area and one in particular from the Summerton area (that I didn’t list above, but is listed in the telephone directory) was completely unprofessional. I’ve never dealt with any of the ones above personally, but I’ve never heard anything bad about them either. The air and heating repair service I use is by a private contractor, but I thought I’d list the ones above for someone searching online that could find these to be of some use.


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