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Heaven Fresh HF 100 Air Purifier - Ideal for Small Spaces

Updated on September 16, 2014

About the Product

If you wish to get rid of the musty bad smell in the rooms of your house, your best bet is the Heaven Fresh Air Ioniser HF-100. This product helps to remove pollutants in the air and reduces their prevalence to sub-micron levels. It works by generating millions of negative ions that naturally cleanse the air. The pollutants are deposited on the product's collector plate and all you have to do is periodically wipe it to remove the dirt.

How it Works

Simply keep the Heaven Fresh HF 100 Air Purifier atop any surface and plug the converter into an electrical socket. Inside a car, fasten or stick the purifier to any flat surface to ensure it stays intact and then plug it into the cigarette/lighter socket inside the car. But make sure to switch off the purifier while you are fueling the car. The product comes in two modes: "Hi" option for large areas and "Low" mode for smaller spaces. You can safely use it round the clock to keep the environment and air in your house and car smelling fresh and healthy.

In a Nutshell

1. This air purifier is ideal for small spaces such as offices and bedrooms

2. As mentioned earlier, it generates millions of negative ions to cleanse out pollutants

3. This product operates silently and does not contain any moving parts

4. There is no need to replace the filter

5. The design is elegant and compact

6. Consumes negligible amount of electricity

7. It is highly effective for spaces within a size of 15 square metres

Precautions about the Product

1. You should never plug in or unplug this product with wet hands.

2. Do not insert any metallic object into this air purifier while it is plugged in to avoid suffering electric shock.

3. Make sure this product is kept well away from children and water sources.

4. Do not take it apart or dismantle it as this could damage the air purifier.

5. Do not place this product within 20 inches of your bed pillow during sleep as it can be harmful to breathe too close to it for long hours.

6. High levels of humidity can produce static electricity sounds while this product is in operation. Do not be alarmed as this is natural and not a sign of malfunction.

User Reviews of the Product

Many users have commended the Heaven Fresh air purifier calling it cheap, compact and efficient. It gives value for money and makes the air smell fresh and natural, they aver. One customer even says that this product helps to clear cat dander particles from the atmosphere. She is able to breathe much easier thanks to this air purifier and she is dead sure the air in her home smells fresher too. Another user says this product is ideal for homes with smokers as it can minimize the damage caused by prevalent secondhand smoke, thus making the atmosphere healthier for nonsmokers.

Besides clearing cat dander, this air purifier can apparently help sufferers of hay fever too. A customer on avers this product has helped a great deal to cure his daughter's hay fever problem and she is now able to sleep more soundly and snores less too at night.

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