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Holiday Homes: 10 Of The Most Enticing Destinations

Updated on July 5, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Choosing a holiday home to retire to in the scorching Summer is a lovely thought, but also it is a tough decision. Deciding on where you wish to reside is an idea that should be thought through well. There are many factors to take into consideration and so you should not rush into that perfect holiday home until you really are sure that it is, perfect.

A holiday home should be a destination where you feel at ease to relax, relish in the culture and surroundings and also somewhere you feel at home away from home. Each individual is different and so not every holiday home will appeal to all. Choose somewhere you are happy and comfortable with whilst not being afraid to show it off!

Make Your Decision Wisely

Before we go ahead and divulge to you the top 10 most enticing destinations that are suitable for holiday homes, make a list of what you really want. Consider your personality, what your hobbies are, what weather conditions you like and what you count as 'home sweet home'.

Think thoroughly about what you want and what you will not get tired of too quickly. Depending on your favourite sports, hobbies and past times you should ideally choose a holiday home that has the opportunity for you to participate in your favourite hobbies. So, you thought things through? Okay, prepare to be enticed.

Top 10 Holiday Home Destinations

  1. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful island country concluding 10 islands in total. It is located in the central Atlantic Ocean and based more than 500 kilometers off the Western Coast of Africa. It's soaring temperatures and outstanding landscapes make it a favourite for people everywhere. The versatility and amount of things to do on this island make this the perfect holiday destination for people of all tastes who wish to experience a little bit of paradise.

The beaches span for miles with soft white sands and incredibly clear waters that lap up onto the shore so gently. Water sports are available, restaurants with fine cuisine can be visited, entertainment can be enjoyed, or the peace and quite of a holiday home on the island of Cape Verde provides a sophisticated setting with the feeling of being a million miles away from home. The islands are of volcanic origin, which means you have the option to enjoy the serene beaches or the rockier areas.

Cape Verde is a developing destination with a population of about 500,000. This is a politically stable country with friendly people and a rich culture to learn about. The official languages here are Portuguese and the recognised regional language is Cape Verdean Creole. However, the majority of the population speaks English.

2. Queensland, Australia

Australia is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Queensland is just one of the areas of Australia that is desirable for a holiday home or even to visit for a break away. Queensland is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Coral Sea. The state of Queensland is Australia's second largest area.

The climate here is generally hot and dry which attracts people of all cultures and from all areas of the world. Queensland is one of the fastest growing areas of population in Australia, but don't let this put you off, because if you enjoy peace and quiet there are many tranquil beaches to visit.

Queensland has a variety of landscapes to visit, comprising of tropical rainforests, dry inland areas, busy tourist hot spots and sunny exotic coastal regions. There are many places to visit here, landmarks to see and many wildlife parks. The famous Great Barrier Reef is also situated here and is a must visit. Sports is a big tradition in Queensland, so if you have a particular sport you love then why not head to Queensland to enjoy it in the astonishing surroundings.

3. Sicily, Italy

Italy is a fantastic country with so much to get involved in. The culture here is fascinating and the architecture is ingenious. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with many sights, history, cuisine and culture to discover. Music, arts and literature are rich and unique here in Sicily and the people are so friendly that you can make friends and be divulged with information wherever you go.

Many fresh fruits, wines and olive oil are produced in Sicily. There are also many active Volcanos around the area with Mount Etna (the largest in Europe and most active volcano in the world) located just east of the mainland in Sicily. There are many exhibitions, tours, stalls and shops to wander around here, so you'll never get bored.

Having a holiday home in Sicily means you can venture further afield to many other amazing parts of Italy such as Venice, Roma, Florence, Milan, Naples, and Geno. Each as wondrous as the next. If you like to be in touch with nature then you will simply adore Sicily for its natural surroundings, countryside, rivers and exotic flowers.

4. Austria

Austria is a splendid country in Central Europe with a population of 8.4 million people. This glorious destination is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany with the main languages of German, Slovenian, Hungarian and Croation being spoken. Austria is one of the richest countries in the world and has been a member of the United Nations since 1955.

Temperatures are rather humid and warm here in Summer but tend to drop rather cold in Winter. Austria is a popular spot for those who enjoy to ski because of its mountains that peak into the clouds and its snowy areas. Many famous painters and architects come from Austria and you can learn about this in the many museums and galleries situated here. There is a great deal of culture to learn about here involving mainly the arts.

Traveling to Austria is a special experience and having a holiday home here is ideal. You will never run out of things to do or learn about.

5. Jiuzhaigo, China

China is not the first place many would think of when choosing the destination for a holiday home. However, there are many amazing areas in China that would amaze and surprise you. It is not just hustle and bustle in the inland areas, but there are fabulous spots like Jiuzhaigo, which are more natural and a sight for sore eyes.
Jiuzhaigou is a truly mesmerising destination that will blow you away. The area has countless waterfalls, winding valleys, brightly coloured lakes and natural wildlife parks. The climate is rather cool but is made up for with the unbelievable views.
Jiuzhaigou has a very small population and is not built up primarily for tourists, however there are some tourist areas with snack shops, stalls and markets such as Heye, Shuzheng and Zechawa. If you wish to have a holiday home here you may need to do some research, as it can be difficult due to the protected Nature Park. Alternatively, you may be better off taking a short trip here in a hotel; all the same this destination is so magical you only need 5 minutes to devour its glory.

6. Fiji

Fiji is getting more and more popular for travelers due to its perfect scenery and interesting culture. Fiji is an island in the South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia. The languages spoken here are English, Bau Fijian and Fiji Hindi. There is a population of around 850,000 in Fiji. What's really intriguing about this destination is that most of Fiji's islands were formed through volcanic activity.

The turquoise waters, tropical fish and deserted beaches make this an ideal place to set up a holiday home for the family. There are also many hotels and resorts to stay in where you can greet the locals, taste fine delicacies and soak up the surroundings.

There are lots of water sports and excursions available here such as tours, boat rides, jet skiing, paragliding and many more.

7. Canada

It's impossible to choose just one area of Canada to holiday in, because it is so utterly brilliant. The views that can go for miles of green trees, glittering lakes and snow covered mountains make this the ideal retreat for a peaceful stay. There are lots of areas to pick for a holiday home or there are many packed areas for tourists to stay where everything Canada has to offer can be experienced.

Canada is a North American country which extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the East Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. English and French is spoken here with a population of 34 million.

There is much to see and do here including hiking in the natural surroundings, skiing and snowboarding over the powder coated mountains, shops to visit, restaurants to eat at and mounds more.

8. Snowdonia, Wales

Based in the small country of Wales in the United Kingdom, Snowdonia is picturesque and will take your breath away. The languages spoken here are English and the local Welsh language. There are mountain ranges here and a national park where views can be adored for miles and miles.
Activities such as mountain walking and hiking are popular here. But if you do not enjoy the activities, then you can enjoy the local friendliness of the people and shops. Do not expect a suntan when you come here though because Snowdonia is one of the wettest spots in Wales, but it's beauty really does compensate for that.
About 65% of the population here speak Welsh and there is a small population of 25,000. This is a really great place for a holiday home and one of the most idyllic and relaxing spots in the United Kingdom.

9. Corfu, Greece

Corfu is the second largest of the Greek Islands in the Ionian Sea. Corfu has a population of over 100,000 and is perfect for a quiet getaway. The jagged hills and mountains provide a cosy border where the bright blue sea surrounds the island. Couples and families everywhere enjoy the many quite cove beaches.
Greek delicacies must be tried here and the culture is very rich and interesting. The summers are particularly warm and the winters stay quite warm with a cool breeze. The white stonewashed buildings entwine brilliantly into the surroundings making this destination postcard perfect. The friendly local people are happy to help and show you around, making Corfu a great destination to make life long friends and live in a real life paradise.

10. Southern France

There is no doubt that all areas in France are equally as beautiful, however, the South of France has hot climates, astounding beaches and a little bit of something for everyone. With a population that grows at a quicker rate than anywhere else, this country makes an ideal place for meeting new people who enjoy the same thigns as you.

Try the tantalizing french dishes that will leave you wanting more, along with the fascinating trinkets you can pick up in the stalls, shops and markets. The beaches can be relaxed on all day, with the nights just as warm and pleasant. Visiting Southern France for your holiday home will make you want to stay there for eternity.

How To Buy Property Overseas

The world is built up of incredible landscapes, cultures and architecture. So if these 10 destinations do not tickle your fancy, then you won't be short of options in this wonderful world.

Take a look at the following websites for some more ideas on holiday homes around the world.


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      7 years ago

      Your list is very diverse and the descriptions you provide are very inviting. A very well researched and interesting hub. Everyone of these Holiday Home destinations seems to have something different to offer. Voted up and awesome.


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