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Home Accidents leading to death

Updated on September 11, 2014

Home is the place which gives an individual a chance to enjoy all his freedom. I think that is the main reason that every one wish to have a home irrespective of its size and shape. From the very beginning of the history of mankind shelter was one of his basic needs which came from this psychological background. While availing these freedom one will be careless many after effects. Often such an enjoyment often leads to accidents at home. There is no age limit or gender discrimination in these accidents. The carelessness of one member may cause an accident to another member or himself/herself. So here are some of the common accidents at home which we can avoid or at least prevent by giving some attention.

Plugging in more equipments to same switch board will invite accidents
Plugging in more equipments to same switch board will invite accidents

1. Electric Shock

Most of the houses in the world are electrified nowadays. Electricity has became the part of every day life. A number of equipments at home are based on electricity. So one cannot think about a world without electricity. Refrigerator , Television, Computer , Mixer grinder, Induction Cooker , Microwave oven , Washing machine , electric pump, electric iron, lamps etc are some of the common electrical appliances that most of the houses possess now.

As we know electricity is a form of energy and its passage through body is dangerous. Often the leakage of electricity in any of the above appliances added with poor earthing condition will lead to the most common accident of electric shock. It is quite common that house wives and children are the victims of many electric shocks. Regarding women it is due to busy followed by carelessness. In children theses accidents are mainly due to the careless action of adults followed by non awareness.

Often the wet hands are the villain for ladies. They switch on or off the appliances with wet hands. As electricity easily passes through water this will lead to electric shock. So the only way to save lives is to be care to handle any electric appliance with dry hand and dry body. Children often get into electric shocks when they unknowingly puts some objects into the plugs. If the objects are electric conductors definitely they will get shocked. Here the care should be given in two ways. While wiring works are done the switches and plugs should be at a height that children under 5 cannot touch it. Also there should not be any object in the room like stools and chairs that may help children to handle the switches and plugs.

Severe burns often causes death or handicap for whole life
Severe burns often causes death or handicap for whole life

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2. Fire and Burns

Fire is one of the greatest invention of mankind. But if not handled properly it will be the most destructive tool in the home. A lot of accidents are there due to fire. The main among them is the leakage of cooking gas.

Cooking gas leakage occurs mostly due to carelessness in kitchen. Woman often put something on the stove to boil. In between this they engage in some other activities and forget about the thing on the stove. It will boil and overflow which will lead to extinction of fire in stove. But the gas will leak through the open burners. When any one light a match or switch on any electrical appliances , a small spark will cause ignition of the leaked gas which may swallow the whole home.

Burns are usual when hot objects are handled. Often the steam causes burns in women while candles or lamps or firewood cause burns in children. Women are prone to burns during tea preparation or cooking various dishes for house members.

The only way to avoid these fire accidents is to be very careful in kitchen while handling all these. Also when children goes to kitchen they should be followed as the burning firewood may be pulled by them and cause burns. Also children should not be given match box to play with.

Babies should not be allowed to play with bucket especially when it is filled with a liquid
Babies should not be allowed to play with bucket especially when it is filled with a liquid


One second's carelessness may lead to a life time sorrow. So be alert , be vigil and be careful

Tips to safety

1. Keep away from plugging multiple pins to same socket

2. Never switch on plugs with open end connections

3. Keep water containers always empty or if filled keep them closed

4. Before leaving the kitchen ensure that the gas cylinder is closed

5. Keep matchboxes, medicines,poisons etc out of children's reach

3. Drowning

As part of the change in our life style a lot of changes had occurred in and around our houses. Nowadays , as part of beautification of house almost all house’s front yard has a small artificial pond also. It will not be so deep , but dangerous in many ways. When small children play near it they will be enthusiastic to get into it and will slip down inside. Once fallen it is sure that their nose will be inside water and may not be able to rise immediately which leads to death.

Another common drowning seen nowadays is in filled buckets in bathrooms. Children loves to play in water and filled buckets are always a temptation to them. When parents attention is just out , they will move to bathrooms and will begin to play in water . They will lean into bucket and will into bucket with head down into the water. As his / her weight is less than the filled bucket he will not be able to tilt it and escape. The result will be drowning and death.

The way to prevent drowning in ponds is to make a fence around the swimming pool or the ponds. Also everyone in home should be careful to keep the buckets in bathrooms always empty.

Medicines are often villains to children if they are not kept properly
Medicines are often villains to children if they are not kept properly

4. Poisoning

Different types of poisons are used in houses. It include rat poison , pesticides etc. Often they are kept in safe custody. But once it is used there is a chance of keeping them at an easy access for further use in next hours or next day. This temporary keeping often leads to problems. Children may find these poisons and without knowing its content may taste them. Some poisons are little enough to lead to death while some require high dosage.

Another poisoning often occurs when medicines are kept at children’s reach. Medicines are always attractive to see and often children get easily attracted to it. So when they get a chance there is every chance of tasting the same leading to serious issues including death.

Another poisonous thing that we keep in houses are kerosene and petrol. The pleasant odour and colour of both attract children to it. Seeing like water they often have a temptation to taste the same. In take of kerosene or petrol will lead to death.

The only way to save life is to have some care. Never place such substances at the reach of children in any circumstances. Even if it is to be used in next minutes keep it in a safe place because children beyond our calculation may reach there and taste them.

Home Accidents

Electric Shock
Open or multiple connections
Fire & Burns
Careless fire handling
Death or handicap
Loose handling
Open pools or bathrooms

Most of the home accidents are the result of carelessness. So keeping an eye on accident prone areas mentioned above and keeping the safety methods will ensure home a paradise always.


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