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Home Decoration At The Price Of Peanuts !!!

Updated on September 2, 2009

Some inexpensive ways to pomp it up

Decorating your home need not be an expensive affair always, with a little bit of creativity and imagination just about anyone can perk up their homes ! You can let your imaginations run wild, if you are a funky person or play it subtle depending upon what you want.Your home should reflect a part of your personality and there are no hard and fast rules actually. Just keep a check on color combinations, the ideal space for a decorative piece and voila ! the battle is half won:)

Doing it yourself is a lot of fun and am sure you will enjoy it , you will get enormous satisfaction chilling out at your place, enjoying the cozy ambience which u have created for yourself and your family.

You need not sweat with heavy stuff like carpentering, stitching, plumbing and stuff like that to revamp your home.Here are a few tips to fuel your imagination and get you going -

>Take some inexpensive fabric,fabric color, some sponge and cut it in the shape of a flower or a star or whatever you fancy.swirl this sponge in the color of your choice and press it on the cloth. Its like batik printing. you can use this fabric as a curtain, table cloth or a bed spread

>Take a dried tree branch , cut the stubs but do retain some because we do want the end product to look like a branch :).Paint it with varnish or paint. let it dry nicely and you can use it instead of a curtain rod !

>Take old car tyres, remove the spokes, fill the centre of this tyre with foam or old pillows and you have a nice seater!

>Take some soda crates, hammer & nail them together. plop a mattress on it and there ! a nice inexpensive bed or a divan ! actually u can make a book shelf or a table too this way,

>Take a helmet, remove the wizor, paint some real cool designs on it ,fix it on a rod and attatch a bulb in it to make a funky lampshade !

>Apply paper mash on inflated balloons and let dry, then prick and burst the balloon. what you have is a paper mash balloon now to use as a piece of decoration in a flower pot instead of flowers or to hang a bunch of them in a corner.

>Take old glass bottles, preferably empty wine bottles, wash them nice and clean and let dry. fill them up with buttons, gems, crystals or glitter and tie a satin or lace ribbon around its neck. looks very attractive as a center piece on a table .

>Take thermacol and glue.cut four pieces of thermacol in 4/2 inches and two pieces in 2 inches to make a square box. Apply glue all over it and sprinkle a lot of glitter. what you have is an eye catching show piece .

<Take a small tubelight and fix it under your bed.when you switch off all the lights and switch on just this one ...well a cozy,glowing,romantic little bedroom !

I hope you found these tips easy and interesting ! wishing you good luck and a lot of fun. Please do not forget to give comments ..they mean a lot to a new hubber :) Thank You !


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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thanks for visiting my hub and commenting donotfear!

    • donotfear profile image

      donotfear 8 years ago from The Boondocks

      Very nice ideas!