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Home Fragrance Reviews: Yankee Candle Kitchen Spice Scented Candle

Updated on April 13, 2018
Cynthia Hoover profile image

Cynthia enjoys filling her home with wonderful fragrant aromas. She loves testing new candles, and wax melts and sharing her opinions.

Nothing is better than a wonderful kitchen spice fragrance wafting through my home. It brings back memories of summers spent with my Grandmother. Kitchen spice is a great choice when you are expecting company. . The complex spice notes with sweet undertones make everyone feel at home. Candles are a great way to add some extra lighting to darker spaces and pair well with almost all decor styles.

Finding a good kitchen spice scent in a candle is not always an easy task. Some manufactures and candle makers tend to overdo certain spice notes. Missing the sweet undertones for more of a cinnamon candle than an actual kitchen spice one. Fragrance blending is an art that will shine through with a superb final product. One does not have to look to hard to find a popular candle company. Yankee Candle has been serving the world of wax consumers since it started in 1969.

Several decades of sales and loyal wax customers it is no wonder that Yankee Candle is a common name. With Customers enjoying a variety of wax products. Also a seeming never ending list of available fragrances. Despite the popularity of Yankee Candle, is the brand name worth the price? This large Jar Kitchen Spice Scented Yankee Candle set me back $20. For the lovely fragrance it is worth the price. I was not impressed by a few factors when evaluating this candle. Though I love the scent so much I would purchase again.

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Scent Notes

A good kitchen spice candle or even wax melt is a complex layered fragrance. You should not only detect cinnamon, but you should be able to detect a blend of the following scents as well:

  • Sweet Orange
  • Clove
  • Ginger
  • Almond

Some candle makers will use all or only some of the fragrances listed. A kitchen spice scent and may include some not listed as well. But you do need to expect a more complex fragrance than a cinnamon scent.

First removing the lid from my Kitchen Spice Yankee Candle, I was greeted by crisp cinnamon scent. Followed with a warm aroma of complex spices and a hint of sweetness. The fragrance quality was high with all the expected notes and undertone present. Based on impressions before initial burn this candle was impressive. Without lighting the candle, I let it sit with the lid off. Not lit the aroma from the candle filled the entire space.

Burn Evaluation

I waited later in the evening to light my candle. After turning off all my wax warmers and waiting for the fragrant aromas to be gone. So that I could make sure nothing muddled the fragrance profile from my kitchen spice candle.

An important thing to note about any fragrance is generally after 30 minutes in an area you will no longer note it. So, if you want to test out anything fragrance or perfume after 20 minutes leave that space for 15 minutes. Then re-enter the space. If you can detect the fragrance again then the fragrance is ideal especially with a candle. There should be no interruption in the scent throw of any wax product. If you burn a candle for 3 hours you should expect the aroma for the 3 hours and so on.
Was my Kitchen Spice everything nice? Spice aromas are my favorite by far. This Yankee Candle did not disappoint in the fragrance category.

The layers of spice notes melded well together. This has been one of the best kitchen spice fragrances I have tried so far. The scent throw was very impressive. Not only was this single Yankee Candle filling my entire downstairs it also mad it to the second story as well.

After the first 30 minutes of burn time I took a break from the house. Heading outside to enjoy some fresh air and play with my son. . We stayed out for about an hour. No doubt clearing my nasal passages of any fragrance other than the great outdoors. When we re-entered the house, we smelled the kitchen spice scents all throughout the hose. I am unsure of the concentration they use. I would guess that Yankee Candle uses high end fragrance oils. I detected no diluted oils in this candle.

Wax Quality

Yankee Candle gets an A+ from me on a superior kitchen spice fragrance blend. Remaining appealing throughout the burn through to the end of the candle? I am giving them a C average.

I trim my wicks for many reasons. Any candle owner should be trimming wicks for safety reasons to keep the flame under control. After all you are playing with fire here. Keeping wicks trimmed also makes the wax burn even, and the candle will last longer. Despite trimming the wick on this Yankee Candle, it starts going off like a rocket ship! When I trimmed the wick it flaked. Crumbles filled my candle as a result. Some wicks will trim and leave behind no ash or flakes in the wax. This keeps the candle looking appealing throughout the time you own it. Could it be these wicks were not cured before it made it to the candles? That remains a mystery that I will have to answer with my next Yankee Candle.

This is not an appealing burn at all. The paraffin wax used in this kitchen spice candle became very smoky. I do not re-cap the candles with the lid to the jar. when I put them out to try and cut out any soot build up on the jar or candle holders I use. Unfortunately, the wick to this candle is burning with a fair amount smoke and ash. As you can see from my pictures it is not the most display worthy candle.

Different wax blends can produce different results. Candle making is both an art and a science. As with anything one small miscalculation can cause catastrophic results. I have no reasoning for the smoke factor other than the ratio’s in the paraffin blend could be off a little. Paraffin should burn clean (it is a selling point of paraffin wax).

Another note on the aesthetics of this Yankee Candle, the run down is less than desirable. In most candles you should expect most of the wax to melt straight down the sides. Not leaving behind any lingering wax hanging onto the sides of the jar like I did with this candle. It is not appealing to look at. The crisp lines of a smooth run down on wax is most desirable. We usually do not stow away candles when not in use, they are usually sitting out. So you want something that looks good.

4 Star Final Rating for Kitchen Spice Yankee Candle

I struggled with a rating to this Kitchen Spice candle. Finally, I settled on rating them 4 out of 5 possible stars. Taking off a star for the run down and smoke factor for this candle. The saving grace on this Yankee Candle was the amazing aroma. The high concentration of fragrance is amazing.

The scent lasts and lasts. A superior scent throw is superior as it managed to fill the entire house. But no one wants a funky looking candle sitting out, especially if they often host company at their home. They need to adjust jar sizing or make these large candles with a wooden wick. This would allow for a more even burn as a double wick in this candle would be over kill. Doing so should allow for a cleaner burn down and a more pleasing look for the duration of the candles use.

© 2018 Cynthia Hoover


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