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Home Owners Scammed

Updated on August 15, 2011

Will You Sell Your Home or Not?

A note has recently crossed my desk and all of you Home Owners that have worked so hard to secure your families in a comfortable living arrangement in buying the most affordable and comfortable home that you that could find and make the monthlies on, are now finding yourself in peril.

Oh yea...also another note said that after November, if re-elected, another Obama slam dunk is that all the Banks will be ordered to tax you on every transaction to the tune of 1%. I don't know about you but I don't carry cash and to me that's quite a number of transactions to be paying tax on. That includes everything from a deposit to a withdrawal to a transfer of funds. The Bank will probably call it a fee,but don't be misled. It's a tax my friends.

A few years down the road if you decide to sell that home, that you have been working so hard to pay down the mortgage and acquire some retirement income, forget-about-it. You will, after 2013, if Obama is back in power, be paying 3.8 % tax on that money you thought would be going into your pocket thanks to the Obama Health Care disaster. Oh yea,it's stuck right in there and there's no telling what else is in store for us!

Maybe, just maybe, before that time comes the Supreme Court will decide that Obama is not only a crook but a liar as well ( I think we all ready knew that ), since they have apparently told Hawaii they have until August 8, 2011, to produce documents and open the books for a full investigation. This order was delivered on July 5, 2011, under a direct order of the Supreme Court. Occidental College released records to the tune of saying Obama was there receiving aid as a foreign student, under the name of Barry Soetoro not Barrack Hussein Obama...that came later when his professors told him (paraphrasing) that he could single handedly, take down the United States of America and gave him the handbook.

Like most of you, I was taken in by his con job while running but believe me...I did not vote for him and hope all of you have learned a lesson by now. he is going after a the unions, lying to them for votes but i grant you he will screw you right after he is elected if it happens again. Don't be fooled by this wolf in sheep's clothing.

One thing I've done is to create a website where you can, inexpensively, download tons of learning devices as so you can start you own business and not be in the dark about what to do or be left without any tools in your shed. Please check out my site at


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