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Home Sauna Kits and Units

Updated on September 6, 2014

Build Your Own Sauna

Home Sauna Units

A sauna (pronounced sow-nah) is a small room in which you can experience the pleasures of dry or wet heat sessions with no clothes on. You can build your own saunas using DIY sauna kits. Once you have built your sauna, you can take a sauna on your own or in groups. The participants take their clothes off (sometimes keeping a towel on) and sit or lie down in temperatures in excess of over 80°C (176°F). This promotes sweating and induces relaxation. This sweating eliminates toxins.

There are two basic styles of sauna : saunas that warm the air and infrared saunas that heat objects. Infrared saunas use a variety of materials such as active carbon fibers, charcoal, and other materials

Home Sauna Units

Inside A Home Sauna Kit with Assistants
Inside A Home Sauna Kit with Assistants
Inside a Home Sauna Kit
Inside a Home Sauna Kit

 If you know how to use a hammer and a credit card then you can buy sauna kits and put them together pretty easily.

Pre-built modular sauna kits, aka prefab sauna kits, are recommended if you want a home sauna that is easy to assemble, take down, move and re-assemble. You only need a few tools and elementary carpentry skills, Two pairs of hands are required though.

In addition, assembly only takes about an hour, so you can put it up and use it straightaway. Pre-cut sauna kits should everything you need for a sauna installation.
Pre-built saunas are generally for indoor use, although you can find kits for outdoor use if you have no room indoors.

An indoor sauna need not be very big and can fit in a basement or garage. This is the cheapest way of getting yourself a sauna.

What You Get in a Sauna Kit

A basic sauna kit will simplify things as all the wood is cut to the right size, in the right wood - cedar. Cedar is the best wood to use as it expands and contracts.

DIY Home Sauna Kits will have the wall and ceiling panels, trim and base boards, a pre-hung door, benches, the heater, the threshold and casing, and any accessories.

You will probably need a qualified electrician to do the wiring.

If you choose a gas-fired heater you will need a certified professional to install the gas.

Heating System. Electric heaters are the most popular but gas heaters are cheaper to run (although this will depend on gas prices of course). Wood-fired heaters should only be used outdoors in detached saunas not in indoor home saunas. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) ceramic heaters are another popular choice but they don’t use traditional hot rocks like other stoves.

Prefabricated (Modular) Home Sauna Kits - you get everything you need to set up the sauna, including the instructions and illustrations.

These saunas do not need framing or insulation so if carpentry ain't your thing then go for this option. The only disadvantage is the carriage cost - a large unit could cost several hundred dollars to ship.

A pre-fab kit can be erected in a one or two hours, custom DIY steam sauna kits can take a whole weekend.

The kits come in different sizes depending on the space available and also how many people you intend to squeeze in there. Saunas are no place for being shy !

The Health Benefits of a Sauna

When you are in a sauna the pores of your skin open up. When you sweat, dirt and oil drains out of your pores and skin. A half hour session will cleanse your pores thoroughly and your skin will feel soft and smooth.

A sauna uses a fair amount of energy but will add value to your house should you ever consider selling it. So don't delay buy one today ! Prices for Home Sauna Kits range from about $1500 to $12,000.


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    • Singular Investor profile imageAUTHOR

      Singular Investor 

      8 years ago from Oxford

      That's cool Alex - and you sell them too ! Nice to hear from someone who has first-hand experience of DIY home sauna kits.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Having your own home spa is great. My partner and I recently bought a home sauna kit and a hot tub and we spend most evening unwinding in them after work. So much more convenient than the gym or local health club.

    • Singular Investor profile imageAUTHOR

      Singular Investor 

      9 years ago from Oxford

      You are so right Rachel - I look forward to sharing a sauna with you !

    • profile image

      Rachel Madison 

      9 years ago

      Nothing beats having a sauna right in your home. The Finnish incorporate the sauna into their every day lives and have one at home or at their vacation home. Here in the US, we could really benefit by taking their lead and using a sauna on a regular basis.

    • Singular Investor profile imageAUTHOR

      Singular Investor 

      9 years ago from Oxford

      You're welcome Sauna Stories - just sorry I only saw this comment today - 6 weeks late !

    • profile image

      sauna stories  

      9 years ago

      Thanks for doing the research , great working in bring us this info, there are many things that this post can be used for, keep it coming.


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