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Homes For Sale By Owner Guide and Tips

Updated on April 10, 2017

Benefits Of For Sale By Owmer Option

Sometimes, we see an opportunity to sell our particular Home and feel more than comfortable selling it For Sale By Owner (FSBO). FSBO is rapidly developing trend in do-it-yourself business investment that has taken the internet and the housing market by storm. Not only does selling your home FSBO save you thousands on real estate agent commission fees, but it also gives the homeowner the satisfaction of preparing, listing, and selling their property by themselves. For many just starting out, the prospect of selling a home themselves can be daunting, but fear not. There is an abundance of services and resources available for the FSBO home seller to sell their homes with ease.

Image Source: by CC BY-SA 2.0

“Staging the Home" When Doing FSBO”

The first thing to consider when selling your Home, is its curb appeal and interior appeal to the potential buyer. The FSBO home seller must “stage” their home in order to expedite the selling of their home. For curb appeal, make sure that sidewalks and driveways are swept, that gutters are cleaned, and the exterior of the house is in great condition (meaning cleaned and landscaped). Plus, it helps to be aware of neighbors’ curb appeal to put the property into a neighborhood context. Also, if possible, avoid showing the house on trash days. That just looks bad. As for the interior, this means that the homeowner replaces all out-dated fixtures, repaints and re-grouts, removes obvious clutter, updates appliances and does any major renovation that is required to make the property a worthwhile investment to the buyer. These simple adjustments can make all the difference in how a buyer might receive the Home upon inspection.

Online Enlisting of Homes FSBO Marketing

When marketing appropriately staged Homes FSBO, it is important to garnish as much attention to your house as possible. This is traditionally done by an abundance of FSBO signs, flyers, and directional signs pointing neighborhood rovers in the direction of your home for sale. But perhaps your greatest asset when trying to get your home in front of buying eyes is to use the listing services available online. In 2005, almost 40% of the real estate on the market sold was listed on the Internet. That statistic has only grown in the last five years. Available to FSBO home sellers is an online listing service that was once only the privilege of real estate professionals: MLS listings. For a “flat fee” FSBO home sellers can their property listed on a property for sale database online for a fraction of the cost of commission paid to listing agents. Thus, selling your home FSBO will save you thousands of dollars by avoiding costly real estate agent fees when selling Homes. 

“Working with Buyers” When Selling Your Home FSBO

In selling Homes FSBO, it is important to know how to interact with buyers. When showing homes, set appointments so that everything is clear. Confusion is the worst kind of clutter to have surrounding the sales of a home. If the buyer sees that you are organized and prepared it will make them that much more comfortable in considering the property. Some buyers like to know financial history in respect to the house. It can be good preparation to have those particular documents on hand

Working Out The Price With FSBO Buy and Sell

Once the buyer has expressed interest in the property, you then negotiate an adequate price based off of the original asking price on the home. A lot of times, buyers will try to work down from an asking price based on the original price the seller paid for the property, so be prepared to negotiate and work out a mutual agreement on sales price, one that benefits both the buyer and the seller. Once a price is agreed upon, then come contract negotiations and closing the sale. This aspect of the homes FSBO can sometimes be daunting so it might benefit to use Agent Assistance to help the FSBO locate agents to assist them in sales negotiations when selling Homes FSBO. 

First Time FSBO or For Sale By Owner Buyers and Sellers

Much of the information presented here is geared toward a first time FSBO seller of Homes. Once you have done it a few times and have become acquainted with the process, the details and quirks of selling your home becomes more apparent. With each sale you can amass more and more knowledge on FSBO home selling. Generally speaking though, for the first timer, the above tips are quick and easy ways to help streamline the selling of Homes FSBO.

Image Source: by CC BY-SA 2.0


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