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Homes and Furnishings Looking At Boy's Bedrooms

Updated on February 2, 2013


Someone’s home is where they exhibit who they are. Through the privacy of the interior, or the front yard viable to all passer bys, or the functionality of a backyard, homes and furnishings work together to show people’s tastes and also needs of their families. Anyone who has ever owned a home knows first hand that houses also require routine maintenance and upgrades.

When choosing furniture for a home, having a longer range goal is better than just purchasing something inexpensive. Pressed wood items are much shorter lived pieces than better solid wood items. When selecting girl’s or boy’s bedroom furniture it is wise to choose something that will not only hold up throughout the time the child lives at home, but it is also a great idea to plan to let them have the furniture from their bedroom once they move out on their own.

Boy's Bedroom Furniture

The most durable of furniture is the solid wood. Even pine, though a softer wood, can be sanded and refinished if needed. Oak furniture is very durable, heavy, and kid proof, but more expensive than maple or pine. The natural beauty of wood matches any décor. Lighter colored wood, or darker stained pieces can be chosen from. Other modifications for furniture can be changing handles to ones that follow the theme of the room. Girly pink rooms could be accented with white porcelain drawer handles with small flowers. Boy’s rooms can be enhanced with soccer drawer pulls. Ceiling fans can also be included to add more customization to a room.

A great combination for a child’s room is changeable things such as bed linens, curtains, and even wall borders against a back drop of solid furniture. For boys, a Toy Story Theme when they are younger may thrill them. Then as the get to be about eight years old they may want Spider Man. Then as teenagers a good choice is a more mature theme such as space shuttles or vintage cars.

Boy's Bedroom Furniture

Boy's Bedroom Furniture
Boy's Bedroom Furniture

Girl's Bedroom Furniture

For girl’s rooms décor can begin with lighter stained furniture. Selecting a soft pastel color for the walls also gives it a softer feel. Carpet and matching ceiling fans can further expand the theme of the room. Disney has a wonderful princess theme that little girls love. Older girls might choose popular characters or even a music or animal theme. Allowing a room to transition from one theme to another allows the room to evolve with the child instead of staying static.

Home and Furnishings

Home is where children should find stability and love. Giving them a place to make their own, such as their bedroom, gives them a space designed for them. It can teach them the responsibility of keeping a room clean and organized. Also it allows girl's and boy's bedroom furniture to be chosen with them in mind. Kids' rooms provide for the selection of themes and other toys and furniture that would not normally be found in other areas of the home. Homes and furnishings tell a lot about the people who live their and what their needs are. If you drive by a home with a swing set, bikes in the driveway, and a mini van the garage, then you can guess that that is a home with children.

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