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Hoover Steam Vac Reviews

Updated on July 20, 2011

A steam cleaner works by blowing steam mixed with detergent into your carpet and then sucking it back up. Steam cleaners are powerful machines and with the right one you can do a better job than a professional cleaning business.

Hoover has been a mayor brand in the vacuum cleaning market for decades and their high quality products have also become best sellers in the steam cleaner market.

In Hoover Steam Vac reviews I shortly review 2 steam cleaners. One low cost and one premium, more powerful machine. After which I recommend a detergent for use with these cleaners.

Best selling Hoover Steam Vac
Best selling Hoover Steam Vac

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900

With this machine, it is advisable to read the instructions thoroughly before use. Many users fail to do this and experience problems that could be averted. Buyers have experienced leaks and blockages or no suction at all, simply because they did not read the easy to follow instructions initially.

Although the Steam Vac is quite well designed, it's plastic construction is a little less durable than that of the premium Hoover we also looked at. The powerful 12 amp motor with its five spinning brush action, that has a dual speed function, is adequate for the cleaning of almost any carpet. The upright handle houses a trigger mechanism that releases the cleaning agent with hot tap water. This is easy to use and very effective for any operator.

The main body of the Steam Vac consists of two tanks. The lower of the two tanks holds the dirty water and is easily emptied; the top tank holds the hot water and detergent which mix together automatically. The drying process consists of hot air being forced into the path of the cleaner.

When put through its paces the F5914-900 performed very well and the results were impressive, although on really dirty carpets more than one clean is needed. After use, the brushes should be cleaned as they can collect carpet fibers, hair and other debris that could impair the action, when used again.

Top rated Hoover Steam Vac
Top rated Hoover Steam Vac
Rotating bristles on vacuum
Rotating bristles on vacuum

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, All-Terrain, F7452900

The Hoover SteamVac Cleaner All-Terrain machine is capable of tackling and efficiently cleaning all types of hard floors and carpet textures. 

Hoover is a very well established product in the marketplace as they have been producing cleaners for many years and they have incorperated some of their best technologies into this machine.

It is produced with the Dual V technology which enables suction to encompass the full area of the nozzle attachment, a feature that is often not available on other similar products. It has an automatic system of mixing the detergent to ensure an accurate mix of soap and water is produced to obtain the best result for your carpets and floors.

An auto-rinse facility ensures that minimal detergent residue is left. Another essential mode that it has is the ability to apply a heat where it is needed most, to ensure hardened debris and dirt are loosened and cleaned effectively. This model is very economical with the amount of detergent it uses for each application.

A specific hand tool for spot cleaning is included to enable you to deal with even the most stubborn marks.

The Hoover All-Terrain cleaner offers superb movement and comes complete with all the necessary tools required.

Hoover Platinum Collection Professional-Strength Carpet-and-Upholstery Detergent, 50 Ounces

The Hoover Collection Professional Strength Upholstery cleaner is the best detergent for carpet cleaning, in my opinion.

Not only does it do a decent job of tackling your everyday cleaning needs, but it is specifically aimed at working on, and eliminating, stubborn and difficult to remove stains ranging from red wine, cosmetic products to mud and oil.

Usable in all deep cleaning machines, it tackles heavily used areas in an efficient manner. It could even extend the life of some types flooring including different textured rugs you may own. The Hoover Professional Strength upholstery cleaner will actually save you time as it illiminates the need for the physical scrubbing of floors.

This upholstery cleaner possesses a subtle fresh scent which perfectly complements the different rooms in your home, by giving an overall clean, smell to the air.

Sometimes over a period of time, carpets and rugs all too often have that lived in look about them. This Professional Strength Upholstery cleaner may be the answer that your upholstery is in urgent need of, so instead of physically scrubbing your carpets, rugs and upholstery put the Professional Strength Upholstery cleaner to the test. It could give your tired looking floors a completely new, fresh look, enhancing their overall appearance.

This carpet and upholstery detergent is definitely worth trying. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it can make in your day to day cleaning.

I hope one of the cleaners in Hoover Steam Vac reviews was suitable for your needs. You might also enjoy reading kitchen scale reviews and best 4 cup coffee maker.


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