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Hose pot

Updated on August 11, 2010

Hose pots are pots designed to store hoses, these pots can be/are very beautiful and decorative pots.You can buy them everywhere, at your local supermarket or order them from the Internet or even better you can make them yourself.All the options are okay, but if you are reading this then you are probably interested buying hose pots on the Internet or finding introductions. Hose pots vary from color , size , material , quality and so on. Hose pot design is quite simple, it´s just a pot, it normally has a stick or some mast or something like that in center and a hole.Mostly the pots are made from copper or clay, but i have seen many who make their own, from wood.

Using garden hose pots is a great way to optimize space around your garden, also the hose won´t knot.And your garden may look more elegant if you choose the right hose pot.So next i will show you 5 different hose pots.

Modern hose pot

This is a very modern and a very handy hose pot.There are some great reviews about this thing and then there are bad as always, but many of them are probably right, this is a plastic hose guide, so it can break quite easily, but if you handle with care, this can be a very helpful pot.

Classic hose pot

This is common classic, it has everything.It´s quite durable, it looks elegant and beautiful in every garden.It seems like everything is great, but reading the reviews it seems that you cannot put as much hose in it as you would like it, or as the seller is saying, but it also depends about your hose size.So if you have a small garden and you don´t have long hose, this wonderful garden hose pot is great for you.

Hose bowl

This useful hose bowl is very recommended.It is big it can hold a long and large hose, it´s made from high-quality materials, so it will not break very easily.This pot also has a quite elegant and beautiful design, sure it is big, but hey if you find a nice spot for it, it will look wonderful.So overall this is a excellent hose pot for every gardener.

Copper hose pot

This is a wonderful copper hose pot , although it is not made from pure copper.It still has a great value and a very nice design.It has quite normal capacity, so a normal hose will fit in the pot well.It is a classic hose pot and when you put a classical rubber water hose in it, it will look very elegant and nice.The problem is that it may get sometime until you get hose in to it and so when using your hose everyday, it may get little annoying.

Wonderful hose pot

This is a wonderful hose pot, it is quite small tough, so when you have a big hose then i wouldn´t recommend this, but if you have small hose then this modest but very nice garden hose pot is a great choice.This hose pot has a quite unique but still discreet looks, it ain´t capricious, i just like the way this small hose pot looks.


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