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How to Sell Your House - Without A Realtor

Updated on May 17, 2011

Do You Want to Sell your House Without an Agent?
Are there a few problems with Your Home?

Our house was virtually unsellable, so we thought. We lived in a beautiful big home in the country with an acre of land and very few neighbours. After nine months and 3 different realtors trying to sell our home, it was about time to give up and call it a day. This house was never going to sell. Now there were some very negative reasons why nobody was biting.

For instance:

1. There was a very busy county road in behind our house which at times was quite noisy with passing cars, rumbling construction trucks and loud motorcycles.
2. An automotive garage was just 50' to the left of us. The garage doors were very wisely placed on the far side of this building which provided us with at least some privacy from its many clients five days a week. But still, cars going to and from this repair shop had to pass by the front of our house.
3. The township had granted a license to a quarry operator and 35 acres of land was set aside -- yes, you guessed it, right in behind our house no less than 300' away, along with the busy highway planted there as well, about 150' from our back door.

At least we still had the vacant two acres across the street in front of our house which was about the only peace and quiet around us. .. But wait, what's this -- a bulldozer?

4. Someone had bought those remaining two acres and was going to build a house there! Good God! Now we had no privacy. Eventually the new house across from us was completed and the new guy on the block made sure that his living room window was right opposite our kitchen view of what was once a very tranquil park like setting with lush trees green and chirping birds.

None of these things were there when we first purchased this home. It was our dream home in the country, now turned into "Welcome to our Nightmare in the Country." This was no longer country living and I wanted out.

A realtor was out of the question this time. We had to stop what we were doing every time a potential buyer wanted to come through the house because it had to be spotless and brimming with "Buy Me" status. Not that it was dirty, but it had to look presentable. You get the picture. After nine months of working around this scenario with three different real estate companies, I said, "No More!" I would sell the house myself -- and I did -- in less than a week. How did I do it? I'll tell you.

The secret lies in having something other than just your house to sell. What does that mean?

It simply means that if you can offer a buyer something other than just your house that will make them a lot of extra money, they're going to bite and bite hard. That's exactly what happened. What do you have to sell along with your house that will entice more offers?

In our case, we had a business, a business that we ran from the house. Are you able to say that? If you can't, then find something and make sure it's legal and something that can't very well be moved right away from its present location.

OK - so I've just lost 95% of my readers but for the last 5% that do have their own business, read on. If your business is licensed by the township and you work from home, you're half way there. But it doesn't necessarily have to be licensed. We had something that just couldn't be moved without having to go through another rezoning hearing in a different location and that takes time, perhaps up to six months. Besides, the business we were offering along with our house had a lot of customers and more were coming in every week. Can you say that about your business? What was our business, you ask? Well, it was a licensed doggy daycare with over 500 clients and we had been running it for seven years. A realtor may have sold it for us but then look at the commission we would lose. No -- they had their chance for nine months and failed. Now it was my turn. This business was worth a lot of money to the right people and it was up to me to find them.

The very next day, I placed an add in This next step is a major one for any reader that's still with me. The ad wasn't placed under the real estate section. It was put as a Top Ad in the Pets & Animals section.

"Dog Resort Business For Sale. One acre of land. House included and over 500 repeat clients. Substantial annual income. Asking price of $ ---."

The house, along with the business was basically sold in two days but the real signing took place on the seventh day, the day the ad expired. I had sold the house from an online ad that cost a measly $17.00 and made a small fortune overnight.

I know you probably don't have a dog resort but if you have a Licensed or unlicensed business that you run from home with lots of clients, a business that you feel should stay where it is because of the clientelle built up, then you should have no problem combining the two like I did and make an excellent profit. If you want out, that's how to do it. Do Not place the Ad under Real Estate for Sale! Put it under the section pertaining to whatever business you are running and watch what happens. You can always start up somewhere else so that you're not in direct competition with whoever buys your house or you can start up a new, fresh business with the profit you've made. I've been self employed for 33 years and have sold every business I've ever been in. Someone always comes along that wants what you have and if the house goes with it, so be it. Entreprenarial people aren't too concerned about the house they buy. The business is what they're after. Don't forget about a website. A cool website these days is a major plus for any business. If you want to grow your business, get yourself a website and then sell your business with the house. I know there are plenty of people out there just dying to get out of what they are doing. Things get stale after some years doing the same thing and you feel it's time for a change.

If your successful business comes with a house, there are many folks out in La LA Land that want it, especially first time house buyers. They won't have far to go to work. Let me know if it works for you. I bet it will.


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