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How much you should expect to pay for a good glass dining table

Updated on October 11, 2010

A table in the living room or kitchen is something that every homeowner must consider.  A glass dining table is an easy way to show off fancy taste and style but one must consider the different choices available and their respective price ranges as well.  Glass, as simple as it may be, can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, thickness and even designs etched into the glass itself.  Color can be mixed in with the glass or have a laminate color on the outside of it.  It can also be custom made to suite your personal style and be that perfectly original table to impress guests and relatives; that is, if your wallet is deep enough.

When looking to replace or add something to your home, it’s always a good idea to know what is available and affordable.  Any modern glass dining table today might cost anywhere between 200 dollars to as much as Three Thousand dollars – and that’s excluding any custom made work.  However, when purchasing a table, it usually comes as a set of chairs and the table itself, so need not worry about additional costs for seating, unless it’s not a set.  If buying a used table, keep in mind if everything is included or prices are separate.

Round Glass Dining Tables

A round glass dining table is easily one of the most common and most practical of all. Prices can be around 200 to 300 dollars for a simple design, including chairs, and for a more exquisite style; prices can soar to 400 and beyond 500 dollars.  The typical family has one to two children, plus themselves which means only four seats are really ever used.  A round table typically means saving more space and is a great option if currently living in an apartment.  With so many designs to choose from and glass itself is just beautiful in any setting, it really fits in with any home or even outside of a living room.  They also work great out on patios and decks, as glass is naturally weather-proof.

Extending Glass Dining Tables

If space is really a concern and would rather not have to settle for anything completely wooden or metal, an extending glass dining table can be a great choice.  That is, if you can afford it.  Prices for these extendable tables can reach well above $1,000 as typically it is a 2-piece glass table set.  Wooden or metal frames have to encompass both pieces of glass and still be able to securely attach to the table to create on larger table.  This craftsmanship is much harder than any completely wooden or completely solid metal table and is why the cost is much higher.

An amazing extending glass table from ModernLine Furniture

Contemporary Glass Dining Tables

In other words, that new fresh, clean modern look that you see in magazines and in first class hotel rooms.  A contemporary glass dining table is typically going to cost around 200 to 300 dollars for a really simple table.  Some other tables have fancy metal-work and artistic design in the glass and can range anywhere from 600 to well over a couple thousand dollars.  Glass can really show a price difference when comparing to solid wood tables so make sure you search in particular for glass as some locations only carry wood or metal styles and can be a complete waste of time. 

Black Glass Dining Tables

When shopping around, some tables may seem like a black-gloss metal when in fact, it is a black glass dining table.  These tables are really special, as they have that metal theme but still a glossy style to it which also fits in with the contemporary category.  The glass never scratches and will certainly never dull over time so comparing to other materials this is an excellent choice.  However, be prepared to pay anywhere from 400 to 600 dollars for a decent table.  Some $1,000 or $1,500 tables with a black glass finish usually have much more artwork and are handcrafted for ultimate quality.

Frosted Glass Dining Tables

Instead of just plain, see-through glass, a frosted glass dining table to give a bit of texture or light-color to it.  The frost effect is usually made with a sandblasting technique to scratch the glass in a uniform manner.  If you were to look at the glass extremely close, you would see that there are thousands upon thousands of tiny “pits” in the glass which all together help give it that white frosty look.  These tables’ prices really depend on other features as well.  Whether it is a round or square table with a contemporary look or high detailed with artwork.  It can be anywhere from 300 to over two thousand dollars for more detailed frost artwork.  Additionally, frost can be inlayed as a design on the glass itself which has been really popular these days.

From a simple round table to eat breakfast on as a family or a large extendable table with fancy frosted artwork inlayed on the bottom of the glass for large family gatherings and feasts.  Glass dining tables can be the pinnacle of a living room and will certainly fit in with any home theme or occasion.  A budget is never too small or too large to have on in a home and I hope this informative article has helped you to decide which one is best for you.


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