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Best Cleaning Tips to Save You Time and Achieve Good Results

Updated on November 2, 2017
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Trudy otherwise know as tlcs has a lot of ideas about different things that she loves to share with others and is not afraid of the response

We all have to cook at sometime!

Cooking and spending time in the kitchen cannot be avoided! It's what is out there to speed the time spent in the kitchen that we want to know!
Cooking and spending time in the kitchen cannot be avoided! It's what is out there to speed the time spent in the kitchen that we want to know! | Source


I've been cooking for years like many others and the time spent in the kitchen for me at the moment is not something that I relish! Don't get me wrong I love cooking, I just wish there was away of speeding up the process.

It seems to me that the cooking is the best bit of the job, but it's the washing up and packing away and everything else that revolves around the kitchen that seems to be driving me mad at the moment!

Hence this hub!

I am on a mission to find appliances that may speed up the time that I need to spend in the kitchen. Whether it's processor's, dishwasher's, fan oven's, fridges, you name it I will find it!

This really is exactly how I feel at the moment when I step into my kitchen!

This is exactly how I feel! I could pull my hair out with frustration at the time spent in the kitchen!!!
This is exactly how I feel! I could pull my hair out with frustration at the time spent in the kitchen!!! | Source

So it is time to prepare the evening meal

Now I am not one to moan but there must be a quicker way of processing vegetables for one!

Standing at the sink peeling vegetable drives me potty! Buy them already peeled or frozen I hear you say, but for me that is not the answer as fresh vegetables it has to be.

So, surely there must be a gadget out there that can peel vegetables? Yes or No?


Apparently, so I have been told a food processor actually does it for you! Or does it, I ask myself!

So, yes the food processor is meant to speed up time immensely by chopping, grating, mixing, blending, you name it and it apparently does it all. That said, I would have thought that you would have to spend more time washing up!

Which brings me onto the dishwasher.

Now the dishwasher is one of those items that I unfortunately have never had. I have tried many times to get my hubby to buy one (why I haven't just gone out and brought one I should say is because I haven't got the space to put it in my kitchen, unfortunately, not unless I remove some of my storage space, which is a no go area for me) to no avail.

On reflection, over the years I cannot and refuse to spend too much time thinking about how long I have spent washing up dishes, pots and pans etc, but I'm telling you it is a massive amount!

Maybe a dishwasher is one of the useful appliances to speed up time in the kitchen.

I am one at looking at the negatives though and I wonder if there becomes a problem if you don't empty the dishwasher regularly, do you run out of dishes and cutlery? Mmm I think Ill think about this a little longer.

I am a firm believer in batch cooking to save time

Batch cooking has got be done if you want to spend less time in the kitchen. I tend to make huge pots of chilli or chicken casserole or sausage casserole or shepherds pie split into two different dishes.

The main reason for this isn't just purely to save time in the kitchen it's because my family say that I always dish up too big portions, hence my reason for batch cooking.

Now that brings me on to the slow cooker.

This is useful if you have not used a slow cooker before! Mmm delicious!

Now I swear by my slow cooker, it always saves me time, a must have for the full or part time workers out there!

The slow cooker has got to be the useful appliance to speed up time in the kitchen. Not only can you prepare in advance, you can go to work or go out and just leave it to simmer, it's a god send for all of us busy people that have had enough of spending to long in the kitchen!

Now, as we are batch cooking we need to move onto the freezer.

Now a freezer is a must have in the kitchen as a saving time appliance especially if you batch cook.

I find that I am so busy that if I freeze certain amounts of everyday dishes that I have prepared and cooked it gives me a lot more free time.

The fridge is also a must have appliance in the kitchen.

My fridge is constantly full and I really don't know where I would be without it, especially for the important dairy products such as milk, cheese, eggs, butter you name it, it belongs in the fridge.

Now that bring's me back to ovens.

I have one and it's excellent

This is another one of those lovely items that we all should have. It's energy saving and it cooks so much quicker and the taste is succulent. I would definitely add this to my time saving appliances list!

This should give you an idea of how much time and money could be saved in the kitchen

More than one to choose from I wasn't aware of that!

Or you could go for the oven with the grill in it for toasting, its an alternative appliance for the kitchen. Whether it would save time rather than using a normal toaster I'm not sure.

The toaster is quick and easy all you need do is shake it out after using and wipe down the appliance, I think this maybe quicker than using the oven and the grill included, only for toast mind, you need the other one's for grilling which is far healthier that frying!

Lets move onto laundry shall we

We spend so much time in the kitchen or where ever you put your washing machine, tumble dryer etc, etc.

There must be ways to save time with these appliances.

Washing machines for example, can you get them where they switch themselves on and off? That would be a time saving tip for me because I could just set it, go out and then let it come on when I'm out, I don't want to hear the thing spinning!

Now it could have a tumble dryer in with it like the one shown, that would save time because you wouldn't have to unload it would you?

I suppose it would depend on how much washing you have as to whether you would need a bigger tumble dryer.

And finally....

Well, I hope you enjoyed my ideas. I know there are many more to be had, but this has put a smile on my face for now!

I hope these useful appliances speed up time for you in the kitchen as well!

Time saving appliances, it has to be done!
Time saving appliances, it has to be done! | Source

Which appliance would save the most time for you I wonder?

Out of the halogen oven, slow cooker and the batch cooking for freezing which would save you the most time?

See results

© 2014 Trudy Cooper


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