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Hydroponic Nutrient Solution Grow Tips

Updated on March 21, 2015

I will have to point out that pH and TDS meters are in all probability, the most confusing instruments with regards to hydroponic horticulture. They are often purchased for relatively inexpensively or they could be relatively costly. Dependant upon your finances, there is a choice of lots of different types and varieties.

I personally use to question what in the world pH represented. pH is short for “Potential Hydrogen.”

It is measured on a scale that determines the alkalinity or level of acidity of one's solution of nutrients. 5.5-6. pH would be a perfect level for the majority of nute solutions. In the event the level is too alkaline (too much) or acidic (lacking), your plant life will be unable to take in the nutrients necessary to flourish, specifically the micro-nutrients. Even though the appropriate micro-nutrients are in the solution, bad pH levels will result in nutrient inefficiencies.This may lead to nutrient deficiencies, although the proper micro-nutrients are in the solution.

Parts Per Million is also interchangeable with Total Dissolved Solids. It’s this that informs you if you've got the proper amount of nutrients within you h2o. There's a number of ways that this quantity could be symbolized. Electrical Conductivity or EC is often a way. No matter your process, it's easy enough to achieve the final results that you're hoping to get. Often it is showed in EC, or Electrical Conductivity. Regardless of the scale you happen to be applying, it is possible to obtain the outcomes that you are interested in. Essentially, healthy and balanced plants adore a source of nourishment level of about 1400-2100 TDS or Parts per million. You need a reading of approximately 1.6 with an EC meter (2 EC = about 1800 Parts per million). Needless to say, you can find pricier meters which could do both parts per million and EC.Typically, crops have to have a nutrient strength of around 1,600-1,900.

If possible you could potentially start out with reverse osmosis when mixing up your nutes.

Which means absolutely nothing is in it. It's going to have a reading of absolutely nothing on the EC or TDS gauge. It ought to read about 7pH, which is a neutral pH level. Then you can start adding the nutes based on the product's recommendations. You should then adjust the strength based on your own past experiences. Add more nutrients if your TDS is not high enough. Make sure to remix the nutrient solution and then test until you get your ideal levels. Don't forget that you CANNOT force-feed a plant. Levels that are too high are bad. That will lead to all kinds of problems, resulting in your plants not growing even close to their maximum potential. Remember that less is more if you want to get fat and potent harvest.

When you finally get the correct levels, then you should make sure that the pH level level is correct. A lot of hydroponic nutrient solutions are pH friendly friendly, which means that they will adjust the pH to the right to the right levels when added to water. If your pH level level is too high, you should add pH Down Down and if they are too low, add pH Up in very small Up in very small amount.

Do yourself a favor and check your nutrient tank on a daily basis and modify when necessary.

If possible you should switch your nute solution every week but that will depend on what amount of the nutrients that your particular garden is using.

In order to continue to keep your plant life satisfied then it is advisable to maintain your source of nourishment solution stable. All things considered, happy plants equals happy growers.

© 2011 Phil The Gain


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    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

      Grat hub, Phil. Like the facts laid out clearly.

    • Career-Guide profile image

      Career-Guide 6 years ago from Mars

      I never knew, we can control over the growth.. thanks for sharing the discovery

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Phil the Gain,

      I liked this article.