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How to Build a Flagstone Patio?

Updated on October 17, 2017

How to build a flagstone patio

Flagstone would be the most durable and best choice for laying your patio. Unlike concrete, cement or brick, flagstone has delicate shimmer and looks much more natural and attractive. Also flagstones are easy to maintain and cheaper that wood. Advantages of flagstones are that they are stained, better weathered, crack and damage resistant, as well as moist resistant – whereas decks and wood patios are prone to rot. There are different types of flagstone, namely limestone, slate, and sandstone. The color, color shades, size and shape of flagstones vary providing any option to better fit your design solutions. Flagstones are versatile, offer different creative possibilities such as color, size, and shape combination. By all means this material will add an adorable vintage, formal or informal touch to your patio. The article below provides instructions and tips on how to build a flagstone patio.


Supplies You Will Need

For a patio you will most likely need the 2″-thick flagstones, and stone-dust with sand - as the base. Building a flagstone patio resembles puzzle assembling. Wide and thick pieces would have more stability. The work will take a couple of days and is of average difficulty. Make sure you have all required supplies and tools with you.

  • preferably crushed granite gravel
  • course sand (recommended for paving)
  • flagstones
  • 2×4 boards
  • plastic or metal edging
  • biodegradable ground
  • landscaping cloth
  • landscape edging of plastic or stone
  • marking spray paint.

Tools you may need:

  • wheelbarrow
  • flat spade
  • round shovel
  • metal rake
  • level
  • leveler
  • tamper w
  • water and hose
  • chisel
  • mallet
  • gloves
  • safety goggles (for breaking stone)
  • steel toe boots to protect against falling objects (optional)
  • a shop broom
  • a light duty broom
  • an assistant



The place for building flagstone patio should be maximally flat. With the right surface your flagstone patio will be laid level. We will review the 8x10 feet area.

Step 1. Measure the place where you want to lay flagstones. Stretch the area with the tape measure tied between two posts exactly marking the length and width of the spot intended for flagstone. Also make two equal diagonals.

Step 2. Plunge the flat spade up to 5″ into the soil along the perimeter of the area intended for flagstone patio. Excavate the whole marked area with digging shovel 4″ down.

Step 3. Put a scrap 10 feet plank on the soil just fitting on the left-hand side the length of the rectangle. With the level on the plank check the level reading. Normally some correction will be required as the surface most likely won’t be 100 percent level. So, where needed remove the excess soil till it is well leveled. Only in case you want water run off your patio have it slightly inclined.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 with the rectangle’s width. The spot should be level in the left, right and in the middle.

Step 5. Pour masonry sand in and ram it with the rented compactor. You will have a 3" solid base.

Step 6. Place flagstones one by one adjusting their better fit. Where needed mark the future cuts on flagstones.

Step 7. Remove the marked flagstones, cut them and lay again in the patio base. When laying the flagstones try to have the gaps between them as small as possible.

Step 8. With a push broom fill seams with sand, run the compactor to pack the sand.

These were the basic instructions on how to build a flagstone patio we hope it will help you to build one.

How to Lay a Flagstone Patio


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