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How To Build A Lake - How To Build A Fishing Lake

Updated on August 31, 2009

How to Build a Lake

Hopefully I am about to help in the building of a brand new fishing lake.

I intend to take photos and videos along with weekly updates on how we are progressing. This project is supposed to take approx two years to completion. Nobody knows for sure though.

The Previous Lake

See how the previous lake look like now Les Rouvets "Man Made" Coarse Fishing Lake in Guernsey.

About 30 years ago my good friend Charlie, started making a fishing lake. Pictured below. He finished the actual construction way back then. Unfortunately it was just left to its own devices and overtime it had got really overgrown with trees, bushes and brambles.

A couple of years ago, It was bought by somebody else who wanted to make it into a fishing lake.They could see the potential of the lake although they probably couldn't actually see the lake with all the shrubbery.

The new owners got hold of my mate Charlie and the got chatting and agreed that together they would make it into a very beautiful fishing lake.

Roll on two years and with a whole lot of graft and insight they have transformed the overgrown site into that wonderful fishing lake.

How To Build A Koi Pond Made Easy

The New Lake

Charlie has got such a fine reputation now that he has been asked to create another fishing lake.

This is the one that I am hoping to get my hands dirty on. It will be about the same size as three quarters of a football field so it is no small project.

The Old Lake That Charlie Built
The Old Lake That Charlie Built
The Site Of The New Lake
The Site Of The New Lake


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