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How To Buy A Hand Mixer Guide

Updated on December 8, 2013

How to buy a hand mixer.

Getting Started...

Before you shop for a stand mixer, consider whether you have the counter space for a large appliance. Would the height of your new appliance fit under your cabinets? Why not consider purchasing a hand mixer instead? A hand mixer takes less space to store than a stand mixer.

This is a quick guide of how to buy a hand mixer. This overview discusses the different specifications that a buyer should look for, and consider, when purchasing a hand mixer. Above all, a hand mixer should have different mixing speeds, removable beaters, and clearly labeled controls. But other useful features of a good hand mixer is the comfort factor, stability, extra attachments, a strong motor, appropriate size, ease of cleaning, reliability and duration of warranty, etc. Read more below:


The basic hand mixer should include low, medium, and high speeds. A good hand mixer will have six different speeds, or more. A professional chef will want additional features. These attributes allow you to mix dry ingredients to make thick batters slowly or quickly aerate egg whites to whip meringues. At the slowest point, a mixer should not kick up a dust storm or splatter. A hand mixer with a "soft" or "slow start" button will allow the beater to gain speed gradually to avoid splatter. The best beaters for speed are thin with curved stainless steel wire.

Will you shop online for a hand mixer?

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The Right Weight for Comfort:

Typically, hand mixers weigh around four to six pounds. Ideally, your hand mixer should have a comfortable grip and be light enough that it won't cause strain on your forearm or wrist while you are using it for about five to ten minutes. At the same time, the mixer should be sturdy and durable.

Appropriate Size:

Pick a hand mixer which will be compact enough to fit in the storage space which is convenient to you. For example, most people will store their hand mixer in a drawer or cabinet. I keep mine above our wooden bread compartment, for easy access, because I use it often.


On the underside of the motor housing, an indention should be available to allow the hand mixer to be set on the edge of a bowl for stability.

Hand Mixer Attachments


Extra Attachments

Ideally, look for a hand mixer with extra attachments (pictured above):

  • A Whisk makes whipping easier.
  • Wire beaters are easier to clean.
  • Dough hooks for kneading bread.

If you bake often, all three of these tools will be useful.


Look for a mixer which is seamless on the underside, which are typically easier to clean. A smooth surface is ideal to prevent ingredient trapping cracks or crevices. A touch pad is easier to wipe clean than other models. The wire beaters are easier to clean when they do not contain the thick center post found on traditional-style beaters.

A Strong Motor

Although the wattage is associated with power, experts suggest that wattage alone does not necessarily determine how strong the motor works. You will want a mixer with a minimum wattage power of 175. However, where it comes to wattage, it's best to rely on testimonies of those who have used your particular model before. A good hand mixer should be strong enough to handle bread dough or thick cookie batter without whining, straining or smoking.

Easy to Read Controls

The controls should be clearly marked, line up appropriately, and should be easy to read. Some of the inexpensive models have controls which do not line up correctly with the speed markings.

Locking Power Heads

The beaters should be locked in place when the machine is on so that they do not fall out when kneading dough. In some cases, the beaters can be weighed down when the beaters are not securely locked in place and then crash into the bowl.

A Dependable Warranty

What should a hassle-free warranty consist of?

  • Protection against lemons, or a nonworking or faulty product.
  • Covering product use for up to three or more years.
  • Reliable customer service for handling complaints.


Some Features that I love about my Hand Mixer!





I've read that the retractable cord is easier for those who are left handed. I am not left handed, however, I really like this feature because I can keep my mixer on the counter without extra cords laying around.


What brands are available for hand mixers?

  • Cuisinart
  • Sunbeam
  • KitchenAid
  • Oster
  • Dualit
  • Black & Decker
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Viking

What can you make with a hand mixer?

Soups & Purees, Cookies, Cakes, Scrambling Eggs, Kneading Dough, Mashing Potato, Whipping Cream or Egg Whites, Mixing Puddings, Creaming Butter, Crushing Ice, Whisking Milk shakes, etc.

What do you use your hand mixer for? Leave your comments below.

Thank you! :)

I have another hub below on this subject that you may also enjoy reading:

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    • Melinda Longoria profile imageAUTHOR

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 

      5 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Thank you for your comments. I was needing an immersion blender too! I will check out your website recommendation on that product.

    • Jessy George profile image

      Jessy George 

      5 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      I think Cuisinart CSB-75 is a good one. It is also among the best sellers in U.S. Read more


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