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How To Choose Between Different Countertops

Updated on August 16, 2015

5 Tips for Picking the Right Countertop

In pursuit of your dream kitchen, shopping for countertops should be a top priority activity. This can be super fun or an absolute nightmare. Why a nightmare? Because there are so many beautiful types of countertops and if you don’t already have a design in mind you might find it difficult to choose. Below are 5 tips and things to consider when you want to buy countertops.

1. Resilience and durability of the Countertop material

The type of material that you want to use is fundamental to your choice of countertop type. The number one tip when you want to buy a countertop is to make sure that you pick strong material. This should be able to resist sudden force and heat without getting damaged. The more resilient the material the better it is.

Examples of resilient materials for countertops include natural stone, quartz, ceramic tiles and stainless steel. Resilience directly affects how long the countertop will serve its intended purpose. Another tip when buying countertops is to make sure that you pick something that you are ready to put in the work for to increase its durability. If you can’t maintain it, don’t buy it.


2. Intended purpose of the countertop

The second important thing you need to consider when you are hunting for the perfect countertops is the intended function. The most common uses of countertops are food preparation and serving. For these two purposes, just about any type of countertop will do. It is however important to note that some materials are not heat resistant and could be damaged when you place hot pans on them while serving meals. The other common purpose of countertops is baking preparations. The difference between this and food preparation is that while kneading dough for baking you use the actual surface unlike other food preparation where there are chopping boards between the knife and the surface. The tip to buying the best countertops for your kneading needs is to get something with a smooth surface, is non-porous and is stain resistant. Something like quartz and stainless steel will do. Finally, countertops can be used as surfaces to entertain guests. In these case, something like wood would be great due to the warm and cozy atmosphere it creates.

3. The kitchen’s design and theme

Are going with a deep sea theme or a middle of the woods vintage theme? Whatever it is, the choice of countertop will either complete or destroy your intended idea. A tip that should help you buy the right countertops is to consider the color of the rest of the kitchen accessories. You may choose either to go with a coordinated color scheme or mix and match for an exciting colorful kitchen. The choice of material also goes a long way into complementing your chosen theme. For example, if you are going for a sharp, flashy and modern look then stainless steel or natural stone would be great options. Or if you want a more vintage look, then consider getting wood or dark colored quartz.


4. Consider your budget and the cost-

You might really like a certain set of countertops but you really cannot afford it. This is a major bummer but should not get you down for too long because in the world of countertops, there is way too much for you to choose from. A great tip before you buy countertops is to do some window shopping in advance. This can be done manually or on the internet. It allows you to get a better estimate of how much you will spend and puts you in a better position to draw a comprehensive budget. Having a budget keeps you from overspending and allows you to have your dream kitchen without bleeding yourself dry.

5. Safety features

Your safety and that of your guests and children, if any, is important to consider. Some countertop materials can harm you; a good example is that of countertops that are not heat resistant such as stainless steel. They can burn you if you touch them after they have been in contact with something hot like a pan. Another safety tip is to avoid hard countertop materials that could hit a small child’s head. The best materials in this case would be wood and plastic laminate because they are soft. Ceramic tile countertops are also good because they do not have protruding edges that could hit anyone.

These 5 tips should make it a whole lot easier for you when you are shopping for the perfect countertops. The most important and underrated tip, however, is to follow your heart. If you like it a lot, then buy it.


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