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How To Convert A Maglite To LED

Updated on March 22, 2013

Easy Maglite LED Bulb Conversion

Why would you want to try to improve on one of the world's best flashlights by converting it to LED? For one reason, a Maglite LED conversion means you won't have to buy batteries quite as often. Batteries will last more than three times longer once you convert a Maglite to LED. LED Maglite bulbs are also more impact resistant than filament type incandescent bulbs. Another is that it is likely that the bulb that you use to convert your Maglite to LED will be the last one you every buy. Finally, Maglite LED conversion bulbs are even brighter than the Krypton bulbs that are used in Maglites, meaning you can light up a bigger area and your flashlight's beam will travel farther at night. For those who work in hazardous jobs and public safety, the extra lumens of light are a big plus.

I've owned Maglites for years and have found them to be hands down one of the most rugged flashlights that you can buy. You can tear one up, but it is not an easy thing to do. They are so rugged in fact that law enforcement officers use the larger models as a defensive weapon.

A Brief History Of The Maglite

Anthony Maglica was born in the United States but during the Great Depression his parents returned to Yugoslavia. In 1950 he returned to the U.S. and began working as a machinist. He borrowed money to buy his first lathe and Mag Instuments was born. His business partner, Claire Halasz, would also end up living with him, fathering his children but never formally marrying. Although Anthony's business became a multi-million dollar success story, his personal life was somewhat of a tragedy with his common law wife and children eventually becoming estranged from him. In spite of his failures in that area of his life, he produced one of the most durable flashlights ever made. It remains the number one choice of law enforcement, truckers and other professionals who demand a bright, high quality light. Now Maglite is making LED flashlights. If you already own a Maglite you don't have to buy an expensive new one to take advantage of LED technology. LED replacement bulbs for Maglites can be bought for a a reasonable price.

How To Convert A Maglite To LED

Most Maglite LED conversion kits simply require that you take off the top end, remove the old Krypton bulb, and drop in the new LED replacement Maglite bulb. The best LED bulb for AA Maglites is made by Nite Ize and sells for around $13.00. For the Solitaire single AAA model you can use the push-in LED bulb sold by TerraLux which sells for about $10. For C and D battery Maglites try the TerraLux TLE-6EXB bulb which sells for around $20. While the cost of these Maglite LED upgrade kits may seem a bit high, you will save enough on batteries to pay for it in a few months, if you use your Maglite as often as I do.

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    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Very interesting and informative hub.

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    Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

    Handy and detailed information as usual,doodlebugs.;)