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How To Make Your Dream Bedroom

Updated on July 17, 2016

Sleep Well

Why Change Your Bedroom

Do you sleep well? A good night sleep is important for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Creating the perfect harmonious sleep sanctuary is vital towards helping to achieve a good quality night’s sleep. The bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing environment, a room for privacy and a place to completely forget your everyday worries and unwind. Details such as temperature and lighting are all essential ingredients to a better sleep.

Invest in luxurious bedding that makes you feel comfortable and happy. The two main types of bedding are made from natural and synthetic fibres. Bedding made form natural fibres are softer and allow your body to maintain the right temperature by allowing perspiration to evaporate. A good selection of pillows is an important part of bedding and can help comfort muscle pain.

Clutter Free Windows

Get the light just right

The first thing it's important to think about is light. Light gives us energy, makes us feel alive and just makes everything seem that little but better so make use of all the window space in your bedroom. Ensure that the bedroom window is clear of all clutter and all curtains and blinds have the capacity to open fully. Conversely at night I find I like to feel I not only have my privacy but also that I can shut out the world, so heavy curtains and blinds that can close out the evening summer light and stave away peeping eyes is a big must when it comes to the bedroom. No one likes to feel like they live in a goldfish bowl.

Perfect Colour

Choosing The Perfect Colour

Colour is the next big factor in a bedroom. It's not always you're favourite colour that will work. My favourite colour without a doubt is pink, but I think if my bedroom walls were covered in it I would wake up a nervous wreck every morning. Choose a colour for your bedroom that you associate with your favourite or most comforting feeling. I have gone with white as it reminds me of freshness and cleanness and those are my relaxing triggers! The colour is a personal choice but do try to avoid dark colours as it can in time bring a feeling of claustrophobia and 'heaviness'.

You may also want to change the bed linen to match.

Organized Bedroom

Organize Your Room

Next you must think about how you are populating your bedroom. Some people thrive on clutter but most don't so try to avoid it. Even if you like your bedroom trinkets and bits and bobs, you must feel like you can wake up in the morning and step out of your bed feeling a little bit free, stepping straight onto a mess is only going to bring your crashing back down to earth and isn't a good way to start the day!

Think About What You Want.

Finally you must absolutely stay true to what YOU want your bedroom to look like. Do not read style magazines and devotedly follow what a flouncy artist tells you your bedroom should look like and do not try to cater to you Mum's taste or your boyfriend's taste, they have their own bedrooms for their influence this is your bedroom and your space. And nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful smell, whether it be cotton, lavender, or a deeper, more sensual smell - nothing makes a bedroom more perfect than the scent of home!


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    • profile image

      maddy 6 years ago

      thanx a lot, this will really help me. ;)

    • profile image

      Bronwen 8 years ago

      Really good page. I love my bed so will follow these tips for sure!!