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How To Make Your Own Photo Frame

Updated on July 16, 2016

Photo Frame Art

Photo Frame Art
Photo Frame Art

Thinking Outside The Frame!

You can be really creative when displaying photographs in your home. Use the standard photo frame as a starting point for showing off your family snaps or beautiful works of art. Whether it be the small picture frames on your mantelpiece or a feature on your wall, picking the right photo frame can really add the final touches in transforming a room.

Think outside the box and consider different frame sizes, styles and colours. Check out the creative ideas in this article for tips on making the most out of your photo frames and creating really beautiful, stylish features of your photos.

Creating Your Own Photo Frame

Why not get crafty and create your own photo frames? Not only will you be displaying your beautiful photographs but you can also show off your own work of art with the frame itself! By making your own frame you can be much more creative with your frames and get the exact style of frame you want as well as making the frame to your exact size requirements.

It is sometimes difficult to find photo frames in unusual sizes as they normally come in standard measurements. By making your own frame you have the freedom to use any photo size and build the frame to fit. Your photo frame will also be totally unique and add a touch of homemade style to your home.

Depending on how 'hands on' you want to get with creating your own frame, you can decide whether to build the frame from scratch or revamp and existing frame. A great place to start is in charity shops where you can find some real treasures. With a bit of TLC you can transform an old or damaged frame and make it look as good as new. There are a number of creative methods you can use to give your frame a makeover. With old wood frames try sanding down the top layer of varnish to expose the natural grain of the wood. You can then decide whether you like the natural wood finish or alternatively, there are a range of different varnishes and wood stains that highlight the wood and bring out a more vibrant colour to your frame.

Creating a Photo Frame

Create your own photo frame cont...

If you want to be a bit more creative with revamping your photo frame, why not add a bit of colour by spray painting the frame. You can get some great colours and by using spray paint you can achieve a really smooth, professional finish. Make sure you mask off any areas you do not want to cover. This technique looks really effective when displaying a few frames together. If you plan to hang your photo frames on the wall why not try using different sized frames in different colours to create a really striking and effective feature wall.

Another great technique you can use to create your photo frame is gold leafing. This is a very simple method which is easy to achieve and gives a more opulent effect to the surface. Gold leafing would look great on larger photo frames which can be hung and may look really elegant paired with a piece of art or a large beautiful photograph.

The great thing about making your own photo frame is that you can be much more creative and have fun trying out different methods.

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