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How To Find Real Estate Agent Near Me

Updated on August 26, 2017
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Planning to buy a home or rent one? Do you need to sell your property at the best price?

No matter what your real estate need is, your first step would be to find a real estate agent near you. As you start searching for real estate agents, you will come across many online ads, sponsored benches, boards, postcards and messages related to agents, who offer the necessary services.

How will you find the best agent for your need? There are a few facts which need to be considered, when you are looking for an agent, especially when you are looking for someone located near your home.

We prefer agents near our homes because we know they will know the area well and hence will be able to close a deal in a short time.

Check Local Area Listings:

It is important to find an agent who is located in your area and works for that area only. Your selected agent will be well versed with the properties in the area. The person shall be aware about the price trends and small details related to the area which include location of schools, health facilities and more. Thus, if you are looking for local agents, you need to check local listings like Craiglist, or online ads or directories where local agents will advertise their services. You can also check online agent locators near you, so that you are able to find the right person quickly.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors:

This is the best way to find a good agent near you. If you know anyone who has just moved into your area, you can have a talk with the person and find out the agent they hired. If someone is moving out from your area or has found an amazing property in the same area, you can inquire about the agent. They are surely going to share relevant contact information. Getting referrals from friends and neighbors in the specific area is the best way to find agents of repute.

Credentials Are Important:

You might come across several agents but you need to remember that right credentials are of utmost importance. Stay away from newbies (this doesn’t imply that newbies are not to be trusted) because you wouldn’t like to take risks or especially when you do not have much time to research the background. Look for agents who have been in the relevant business in the specific area for more than five years because experience is really important. An agent who has an experience of more than five years is definitely going to help you get the best deals. Thus, whenever you come across any agent profile, review the credentials properly.

Check Out Recent Clients:

If you find a real estate agent near you and the agency claims to be working in your area, you can ask them to provide you a list of the properties they have sold recently. You can ask for the contact information of their clients, so that you can actually verify the claims made by the agency. You can find out if the clients are satisfied with the services offered by the agency or they are disappointed.

Once you have found an agent near you, remember your work does not end there. You need to carry out a few verification all by yourself, so that you are sure about selecting the right person.

  • Check The License of The Agent – It is important that the agent you choose has a legal business and operates in the area legally. Each state usually has a list of all the licensed agents available online. You can check the online list to ensure that the agent you interview has a legal license and is licensed to buy and sell property in the area.
  • Give Them A Call – Another great way to find out more about your agent and their nature of service is by getting in touch with them. When you call your agent, you will have a glimpse of their customer care service. You will understand how eagerly they respond to customer services and how timely. During the process of a real estate deal, you might have to get in touch with your agent again and again. Thus, responsiveness of a real estate agent is of prime importance.

Thus know your real estate agent well before you hire one, especially when you are dealing for the first time.


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