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How To Get Rid Of Ants Permanently

Updated on May 22, 2014

In most instances when we first realize there is an ant problem in our home we tend to go a bit overboard applying measures that have little real impact, but the main focus to get rid of ants permanently should be implementing a long term plan. In general circumstances there is no singular action that can be taken to eliminate an ant infestation in total, but addressing the issue on several fronts provides diverse ant extermination measures that work splendidly.

The first step to get rid of ants permanently starts with keeping a clean and tidy home at all times. Any colonies send out scouts to locate food sources and when they find them they return to apprise their friends and family members of a free meal. Keeping sinks and counters clear of dirty dishes and wiping horizontal surfaces frequently is a good start, and it is critical to keep foods stored in tightly sealed containers.

The path to and from your home's interior is marked by the scout ant with a scent that serves as a map - this means that when you discover ants you need to remove the trail scent as well so the ants do not return as easily. This can usually be accomplished by wiping the hard surfaces in the room the ants were discovered in with a cloth dampened with bleach and water.

Getting rid of ants permanently also includes denying access to your home by sealing portals that may be used for entry. This can be implemented by caulking door frames and windows as well as by ensuring that exterior doors close tightly. Gaps no matter how small that may be present in baseboards and in basement walls need to be closed as soon as possible after discovery.

A large part of how to get rid of ants permanently rests on the exterior of your home. Make certain that flowers and bushes at placed at least several feet from the structure because many ant species are drawn to the aromas some of these planting exude. A 4 inch wide path of diatomaceous earth sprinkled close to and around your home serves as a wonderful barrier to prevent various types of ants from entering - the crawl across the sharp edges of the diatomaceous earth and are cut the shreds and die quickly. This can also be augmented with the application of a barrier pesticide designed specifically for ant extermination along the base of the house.

One of the best ways to get rid of ants permanently is to destroy the ant colony itself when it can be located. This can be done by any number of measures by using pesticides, hot water, bleach, or gasoline poured directly onto and into the ant hill. While this may not kill every ant in the colony, if you can kill the ant queen and a good number of scout ants you may just get rid of your ant problem permanently.


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