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How To Grow Onions

Updated on September 9, 2013

Onions can make you cry, but tears aside, they are one of the most productive of garden vegetables.

There are a lot of reasons to grow onions in your garden. They are easy to grow, they take up little space, and we all know how useful they are - they're used in a huge range of culinary dishes in thousand different ways, both raw and cooked. You can even make desserts out of them.

They also have medicinal value. In the old days they were used to treat colds, coughs, asthma, bacterial infections, and also as an insect repellent. Today, it is known that they have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and cardiovascular benefits (similar to garlic). They can help in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and they can help lowering blood sugar. They are also a source of many important nutrients - vitamins B6, vitamin C, chromium, folate, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, copper, and phosphorus just to name a few.

So yea, eating onions is good. And growing them is easy.

Growing Onions

Onions are easy to grow. They will grow in most climates and are frost resistant. Even young plants don't mind frosts or a bit of snow, but low temperatures will slow down their growth.

Onions grow best in full sun in loose, fertile, and well-drained soil. They prefer a slightly acidic soil. The best temperatures for onions are in a range from 13 to 25°C (55-75°F). In these conditions they will produce the most.

You have three options for starting onions - seeds, seedlings, and sets. Seeds, of course, will take the longest time.

But enough talk, video tells more than a thousand words:



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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Thanks so very much for such an informative and well written hub on growing onions. Just in time! Rated up and awesome. Will be back for more!