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How To Improve Your Home On a Budget - Part 3/3 Redecorating

Updated on September 13, 2010
Redecorating and changing your bedroom space can have a great effect on how you feel in the morning.
Redecorating and changing your bedroom space can have a great effect on how you feel in the morning.

Redecorating - Paint and Wallpaper

In this final part of how to improve your home on a budget we will look into how redecorating and changing your furniture can make your home a much better place to live in, as well as increase its value.

Most people have attempted redecorating and as you know it can be very easy. The place a lot of people go wrong however is with paint or wallpaper colour schemes. This is true whether you are going to use paint or wallpaper on their own, or a combination of the two. It is important to pick a colour scheme that enhances the space that you have in your room. By picking the wrong colour paint can make a room seem very small or unappealing to market buyers. The same is true of wallpaper, however done right wallpaper can give a highly classy feel although this comes with the extra expense required. Paint is the cheapest way to redecorate and there is a huge selection of colours for painting any room in any style.

A great modern touch, which is very much in fashion, is to combine the two. This not only saves money on wallpaper but can give you a sharp classy feel to a room without the extra expense of wallpapering a whole room. A popular way of doing this is to contrast three light shaded painted walls, with one darker wallpapered wall. This works really well in a large living room or bedroom space. It gives the room of fresh modern design that is very popular with market buyers.

How to Shabby Chic

Changing your home furniture on a budget

One of the best ways to get stylish and unique furniture for your home is also a great way to be green. The phrase "Antique furniture" tends to make some people think of chairs costing thousands of dollars and mahogany units costing even more. However if you look around at your local antique centres or flea market you can get shabby chic furniture, from tables and chairs to standard lamps for great prices often cheaper than new items. Haggling is the name of the game and you can get some very distinct furniture to create a unique style for your home that you will love to live in, and buyers will love the feel of.

The way to do this is to mix more subtle colours and designs with a few bold items. The great thing about shabby chic is that you can buy any type of furniture which is in need of some work, and then just add a little touch of paint and it becomes a very fashionable piece at a very low cost. Not only that but by using antique furniture you are being green as well as saving cash. This technique is very popular in Europe, especially London and France. Shabby Chic is very in fashion right now.

Another way to save money and be green is by using reclaimed tiles in your kitchen and bathroom and even using other recycled materials for your garden. All this makes you appear green and modern, whilst also saving you money and giving you great unique touches to your home.

Improving your 3D Living Space by Decluttering

As we mentioned before, it is all about how you use your space if you want to add value to your home as well as making it more liveable for yourself. Sounds simple but most people don't declutter regularly. Decluttering can be a daunting task however if you start in one room and stick with it you will be amazed at how much room you can make whilst making yourself feel much better in the process. I recommend starting in your bedroom and working from there, as this is the room usually with the most "stuff" buried away and if you wake up to a nice bedroom it will make you feel much better. If you have the budget to then purchase some shelving space or new wardrobes, as these can make your home feel very spacious without spending too much money. It's all about using the space correctly, for example shelves are a great way to use space on walls rather than just floorspace. 3D Living Space is one of the most overlooked techniques for improving the room you have. This sounds obvious but if you look around your room now, are you using all your space efficiently? Chances are you could add a shelf or two without much trouble, which would create more space, without making the room feel smaller. Some simple shelves with baskets to hold items in create a tidy but efficient use of space. Who knows you may have more room than you expected!

Summary - What it means for selling your house

Hopefully this mini series of articles about Improving your Home on a Budget has given you some hope and ideas for improving your home whatever you can afford to spend. Whether that is for you to live in your home better with more room, or for increasing your homes value and appeal for potential buyers. Spending a few hundred dollars on renovating may not directly increase the value of your home, but if it seems like a nice place to live, you will more than likely get the offers in on your house much quicker, which in term saves you money and time in getting your home sold so you can move on. Whilst for those of us happy with our homes, but just want to modernise your look, these ideas should help show you that renovation can be cheap and still dramatic whatever your budget.

What space saving techniques have you used in your home?

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      nilex 7 years ago from new zealand

      A decent guide with basic yet invaluable info thanks.