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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Vegetable Garden and Flower Pots

Updated on January 30, 2014

Sometimes these tree rodents don’t mean to destroy your plants and are just wishing to hide their acorns for another day. That being said, spending multiple hours on your garden to have it either dug up or destroyed by squirrels can be very frustrating. Below are methods you can use to keep them off or away from your plants.

Black Squirrel
Black Squirrel | Source

Moth Balls – Using moth balls strategically around your garden will not only keep squirrels out but pretty much every other animal as well. The odour is very strong and most rodents and animals find it unpleasant.

Get a Cat – You can always buy or borrow a friend’s cat to scare and chase the squirrels away. Do keep in mind that the cat will probably kill the squirrel and there is also the possibility the cat may run away or get injured itself.

Stop Feeding Them - This is pretty much self explanatory but how do you expect not to have issues with squirrels in your pots and garden when you are feeding the world. Stop feeding them and they will stop hanging around your house.

Cayenne Pepper – Sprinkling and spreading cayenne pepper around the plant and on the soil helps keep the little thieves at bay. However this does not last very long and a good rain shower can make this wall of cayenne disappear. This is a method I like to use the most and seems to have some effect. Plus cayenne pepper is not expensive so I use lots of it.

Fence In The Garden – This requires lots of work but can be a good idea. Just make sure you surround the garden and have the fence at least 2 to 3 feet high, since these little guys are very agile ninjas.

Plant or Place Garlic - Another method were the smell and odor is too much for the little tree rodents. Planting some garlic throughout the garden or hang cloves from sticks throughout garden or placing them inside your pots may help.

Which animal destroys your garden the most? Cats or Squirrels?

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Hot Pepper Spray - This is completed by mixing and hot peppers, and usually with just water. I've heard this method used in multiple ways and to combat many different animals. Problem is it can burn or sting cats and wildlife if not done correctly or used properly.

Trap and Release - Some neighborhoods allow people to do this while others don't. It is simple placing a trap to safely capture the squirrel and then driving out and releasing them in a more squirrel friendly environment. Or at least not near you!

Fencing Under the Dirt - This trick seems to be getting more popular on forums and many people are starting to swear by it. You dig down and place fencing like chicken wire do wn. Then cut out a area for your plant and place soil on top. That way the plant grows through the hole in the wire and when squirrels go to dig down they can only go so far because they end up hitting the wire.

Feed them - If you can't beat them join them! Well this may sound crazy but it does have some merits to it. By keeping them fed on the other side of the lawn, you can drastically reduce the likely hood of them eating off your plants. This way they are not interested in moving to other forms of food.

Motion Triggered Sprinkler - This option pretty much works on everything in life. You set it up and when something comes close it sprays water. Also great for cats, and noisy neighbors as well.

Placed Crushed Eggshells - A very cheap and yet not so friendly way of keeping them out. By placing crushed up pieces of egg shells it acts like bits of pointy shards when placed throughout the garden. What is also nice is egg shells add nutrients to the ground as it breaks down.

The finale option is to just give in and let what ever happens, happen. The main thing is to try in live in balance with your nature friends, but keep in mind that some regions have may have laws against more extreme measures if you so choose to pick. Hope this has helped you and your garden this season. Good luck!



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