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How To Keep Your House Safe: Fighting the Hurricane

Updated on January 7, 2014
How do you protect your home?
How do you protect your home? | Source

Do you know that your garage is the most prone to damage during a hurricane strike? Your garage is the most susceptible to the said damage because your garage is an external domestic asset. If you have a weak garage, an over a hundred miles per hour wind gust can destroy both your garage and – sad to say also – your house! You know that you live in a place where hurricanes prefer to visit or to crush you.

Hurricanes have shattered innumerable lives and hard-won properties. This terrible aftermath, you are aware of, but still you choose to dwell in that place. You don’t need to evacuate because we support your choice. We do not want to cut short your enjoyable stay in that place. So, please listen to our advice.

To avoid this destruction, we can build a vertical - and - horizontal two by four boards on your garage walls. A fortifying kit needs also to be used. An expensive steel model can be also a better option. It may cost between seven hundred fifty dollars and one thousand two hundred ninety-five dollars. Please be reminded that garages should abide with the local building codes for wind resistance.

Here are the types of materials are used for garage doors:

There are six (6) types of materials used for making garage doors namely, wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and glass.


The wood is much less prone to denting than some other materials. It requires frequent repainting or restaining in order to look its best.


The vinyl often looks like wood grain. It requires less maintenance and resists unwanted denting. The steel is very durable and requires little maintenance. You almost need to go with an insulated door as the steel is not a good insulator.


The aluminum is very similar to steel in look and feel, but in general it is lighter-weight. It is more prone to denting. It's rust-resistant.


The fiberglass is very resistant to salt-air corrosion and associated peeling, so it is often ideal for homes located in coastal regions.


The glass offers full view of your garage. All the sunlight coming in can cut down on electricity costs.

Word of Advise

At these modern times, it is best that we use the advances of technology to safeguard our homes against any untoward calamities and accidents. As what the quote says, "it is better to be safe, than sorry."


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