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How To Elimate Garden Weeds Naturally

Updated on December 1, 2013

Depending upon the amount of property owned and the amount of time spent gardening, the appearance of weeds can range on the personal distress scale from a minor annoyance to a major gardening catastrophe. But before you run to the local garden center to purchase a gallon of caustic chemicals to kill your weed issue you may want to strongly consider one of several ways to kill garden weeds naturally and at a significant amount of savings from a financial perspective. Not only is this a wise and prudent move but Mother Earth will smile upon your efforts to help in retaining her purity for future generations.

In the most simplistic overview, weeds thrive because they have access to the two most necessary components of survival in nutrition and sunlight. If you take away one of these your weeds will die a natural death reasonably quickly, if you can take away both your weed issue should be a distant memory in about a week or two at most. The key to kill garden weeds naturally is to perform the necessary actions right the first time with a good effort and with a sufficient amount of attention paid to detail. Weeds are generally sturdy and if they are not killed entirely they can go from being on life support to throwing a party in your garden in mere days.

All of the ingredients to kill weeds naturally are right there in your kitchen - salt, vinegar, lemon juice, a tea kettle or large pot and a few dark colored plastic garbage bags. Using these basic ingredients you can kill a large amount of weeds very inexpensively, and even if two applications are necessary you are still way ahead in saving money on commercial weed killers.

The first step to kill weeds naturally is to fill a plastic spray bottle with either vinegar or lemon juice, grab a long screwdriver, a box of table salt and head out to where the weeds are. Spray the area where the weeds are with a liberal amount of the vinegar or lemon juice and using your screwdriver punch a hole into the ground to a depth of about 4 inches in a grid type pattern with six inches between the holes. Take what remains of your vinegar or lemon juice and pour a small amount into each hole along with a pinch of table salt.

Next, allow this to sit for an hour or so. During this time you can go back into the house and boil a gallon or two of water with a cup of table salt added. When the water is hot enough take it out to your weeds and give them a hot bath which will immediately begin to kill them. Cover large areas or weeds with the plastic garbage bags spread out and held in place with a few rocks. Your quest to kill garden weeds naturally is now complete - the acid from the vinegar or lemon juice has begun to kill the weed leaves and stems, the salt and vinegar or lemon juice put into the ground holes has damaged the root system of the weeds and the hot water put a double whammy on both the weed body and the roots.


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    • thom w conroy profile image

      thom w conroy 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment - trust me, it will work. We have a small backyard and cannot grow grass due to the shade but have a bumper crop of weeds annually that are as thick as grass. I follow the tips in this post once in May and again in August and it resolves the problem.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 5 years ago from SW England

      Great! I hope this is the answer to my long-standing problems. I don't like using chemicals and though I only have a small area of patio slabs, every time I go away the weeds pop up just to annoy me - the stress level is out of proportion to the area! I will try this asap and let you know the result. Voted up, useful and shared. I'm off to see what other gems of wisdom you have! Thanks.