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How To Make Natural Furniture Polish Out of Olive Oil and Vinegar

Updated on January 3, 2016
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Not just for fancy salad!

A Natural and Inexpensive Way To Polish Furniture

I'm always on a lookout for great furniture in yard sales, thrift stores, and antique shops. Sometimes though, furniture can be scratched and scuffed. After all, furniture goes through a lot, as far as inanimate objects are concerned. Now, I've never enjoyed the smell of chemical furniture polish, and I don't like to use unnatural ingredients around my pets. So I went rolling around the internet, and found this great solution! Olive oil and vinegar mixed together create a great fix for scratches!

This is the kind that i used

The Formula

The formula is 1 part vinegar and 1 part olive oil. In my experience, any kind of vinegar will work, whether it's the apple cider kind of the white kind. The only brand I haven't tried is balsamic, meant for salad. I used apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for the dresser I was working on.

Check out the results!

It works best on wood

This mixture works best for regular wood furniture. It will also work on wood veneers. It won't do so well on plastics or linoleums though. The oil and vinegar sinks deep into the scratches and brings the natural darker color into the grain. So technically the scratches are still there, but they now match the rest of the pretty wood grain, so they are disguised and the wood looks amazing again!

Works on cabinets and wardrobes!

You can use it on any furniture!

I've used this mixture on bed frames, wardrobes, and dressers alike. I even tried it on some oak kitchen cabinets once. The results have always been successful. One of the best parts is that my cute puppies don't get harmed from the chemical mixture of unnatural furniture polish.

Here's A Video Showing the Mixture

Watch the video for real proof!

This lady used white vinegar and the results were awesome!

It works on other things too

Curiosity got me

Because the mixture worked so well on wood, I started to wonder if it would work on other things that sorely needed a polish. I had some old sea shells that I was going to use for my nautical themed Christmas tree. They were dusty and covered in brine and sand. Water simply wouldn't do. So I started to use the mixture to clean off and polish those shells.

I polished up some shells to use as ornaments!

The results were magnificent!

The shells took the polish really nicely. The salt and brine came right off. And the polish brought out the sea shells' natural colors and shine! They became doubly beautiful and the mixture is not compromising the make up of the shells, meaning that they are still intact. They made gorgeous additions to my nautical Christmas tree! I can't wait to try the polish on some other things too. If you guys have any other tips and tricks for green cleaning, let me know in the comments!


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