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How To Power Your Indoor Grow System Entirely With Do It Yourself Solar Power

Updated on March 16, 2012

One of the main reasons to love LED grow lights is the huge reduction of energy needed to power them – close to an 85% decrease compared to HID grow lights.

This means that, in an optimal configuration, it can be possible to get the same yields with a LED grow of 90W vs. 400W HPS lighting. The current popular trend of reducing your carbon footprint together with the hope to be stealthy has led indoor gardeners to take a serious look at solar panels that produce the electricity for the LED grow lights and also keeping them off the grid.

Making the move to an alternative energy source to power your growing operation isn’t just for the professional builder anymore.

The fact remains that growing indoors is expensive at the very least and could very well get you busted. So what can be done to grow more plants, get fatter yields, and keep your growing successes off-grid?

Will Solar Cost Too Much To Power My Grow Lights?

In my calculations, buying the right amount of panels to generate the energy for a simple, modest 400W growing room (including lighting, hydroponic units, fans, etc) can dent your pockets well over $1000. Of course, this is not including the surge of your electric bill that will add up to some big bucks and put you on the radar for the police. If only there was a better way. Well you are in luck! THERE IS a way to do it which is much less expensive. It is so simple that anyone can do it!

Easy Do it Yourself Guide to Making Solar Panels

Check the site down below for a the #1 how to guide on building your very own solar panel unit to power your whole growing room. This guide is very well written, very easy to understand and comes with some great videos showing you how to go about making ridiculously inexpensive solar power set-ups for yourself or you can sell to others and make a huge profit.

Time is money so what are you waiting for?

Click here for the easiest #1 DIY solar panel construction guide in the world!


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