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How To Remove A Pesky Stain

Updated on October 9, 2012


I am sure at one point or another in your life you have managed to spill something very messy on a nice rug or carpet, if not you are better off than me. I operate a library in a very old building with very old carpets. From time to time a patron or a careless librarian will spill something on one of those old carpets. For those who don't own older carpets let me give you a quick run down. Stains are brutal!!!

It didn't take long for me to realize we needed to find another way to clean the carpets than renting the 30 buck a day carpet shampooer. I turned to the internet but nothing I found seemed to get those pesky stains out. (darn you Dr. Pepper) It wasn't until doing some volunteer work a few weeks later at my church I would come to know the secrets of stain removal. I have heard that little old ladies aren't good for much. Sure their driving is border line horror movie and should you be unfortunate enough to get in front of one at walmart you will suffer the wrath of the buggy, but man can they get a stain out of a carpet.

I was unloading a truck and overheard several of the little old ladies present discussing the ways they got some stains out of their car after a long trip with their grandkids. Me being ever observant I pulled out a notebook and took notes. Before long these amazing ladies were giving me the vital tools I needed to get the library carpets clean. Now after thinking over my role as the keeper of the stain removing secret I have decided that I will share this valuable knowledge with you, my readers.

The Dreaded Stains

Alcohol- Sure enough many of us would love to simply blame it on the alcohol. Sadly sometimes it is the alcohol. Beer, hard liquor and of course wine all leave a messy stain that makes for some serious re-decorating as you have to hide the stain with furniture. But, not anymore. Thanks to this fool proof stain removal guide you will now have the skill to combat that pesky alcohol stain.

Grab your trusty sponge, mine has a face drawn on it, and get it damp. Blot the stain. Now use a detergent solution with another damp sponge. Let that soak in just a little bit and than blot that pesky stain with vinegar.Now blot again with a damp sponge. Continue this process. Hopefully that mean old stain will be gone. If not use hydrogen peroxide on it. In no time that alcohol stain will be forgotten like the night it came to exist was.

Blood- So that in-law finally went a bit to far and you being of sound mind did what you had to do.... Wait I mean you cut yourself on that broken wine glass and now there is blood on the carpet. Blood is one of those stains that you just hate to see, mainly because it is evidence left behind plus it is such a pain to get off the floor. Tackling a blood stain can be a bit much but follow these steps and you will have no problem with that alluring DNA.

Blot up what you can with a sponge. If the stain has set in use salt water to soak the stain. Now blot with cool water. You will now use ammonia to blot the stain gently. After the ammonia rinse the stain with water. If this method fails the stain has set to long and you may need to use hydrogen peroxide. Of course if that doesn't work you can cut the sliver of carpet out and hide the evidence. Just playing. You can use commercial grade rust remover to handle that stain.

Candle wax- How this got into your carpet is your business but I must say, it is only kinky the first time. In all seriousness candle wax is a mess to get off a carpet. Scrape up the wax you can, now you need to get a cloth. Lay the cloth over the wax and get your trusty iron. I myself am not very comfortable with an iron so be careful. Iron over the cloth, melting the wax beneath. Now you should have no issue with that stain.

Grass- Grass stains are the worse. That pale green stain looks horrid and to be honest is annoying. This method will work as long as your carpet is not wool, silk, or acetate. Sponge with water, then with alcohol. If the stain remains you can use hydrogen peroxide.

Ink- Many a night I have set reading a book chewing on a pen when tragedy hits. I bite my trusty bic in twain and the ink flows from my wounded pen. Ink stains on a carpet are a nightmare of epic proportions, at least they used to be. Simply get a can of cheap hairspray and blot that bad boy. If hairspray fails to do the trick try alcohol, acetone, or a non oily nail polish remover. There may be a yellowish stain left. If that occurs simply use rust remover to knock it out of your fine carpet.

Oil- Oil spills are a pain, heck look at the BP incident. If you spill oil on your carpet you need to act quick. Use cornmeal to soak up the oil than blot with paint thinner. In the event the spot remains sponge with a detergent solution and blot again.


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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 5 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      thanks, I never even thought of that.

    • editsvcs profile image

      editsvcs 5 years ago

      If the carpet has nylon fiber, be extremely careful in heat selection when using an iron to remove wax. You could end up with an iron shaped melt mark plus wax (I know, I've done it). Useful hub, voted up.