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How To Remove Carpet

Updated on October 22, 2011

Thinking to remove the carpet from floor of any of your room? You must be thinking that you have got a great task to do. It’s a very difficult target to attain without ruining your floor or without spending a lot of money.

So many people find this task so difficult that they call people who are specialized in removing carpets and give them a huge amount of money for getting this job done. This job is not difficult at all, its just time consuming and a little dirty job, by this I mean that you would get to face a lot of dust.

For removing carpets off your floor, you need to be having few things in order to help you remove carpet safely.


First of all don’t forget to wear shoes so that you do not hurt your feet with any of the nails or staples in it. Next, use construction gloves definitely, so that you may secure your hands from getting cuts or graze from carpets or from smooth-edges.

Do get knee pads too, so that you may keep you knees secure too from the nails in the floor. And above all don’t forget to get a dust mask for yourself specially if you have dust allergy because whatever you do there will be a lot of dust under your carpet. No matter how much you have vacuumed your carpet there will be dust under your carpets.

Tools Required

You would need a sharp retractable knife or a sharp large one paper cutter. Another thing you would need will be hammer, than a roll of duct tape and a pair of pliers. This will help you in removing the nails and staples easily off the floor and moreover with duct tape you can easily dispose off the carpet later.

Removing Carpet From Normal Flooring

Now the first thing you need to do is to take all precautionary measures that I’ve mentioned above so that you successfully remove the whole carpet yourself. 

Now after putting on mask, shoes and gloves at least; scratch the carpet from one corner of the room. You will need to have strong grip for doing this initially because you will have a very little part of carpet in your hand.

So in order to pull it off you would need to hold the carpet tightly so that you may pull it off successfully. It’s easier for you that you start pulling it from one wall that moving to the other wall. Removing carpet this way would be much easier.

You can do one more thing that as you keep on removing the carpet off the floor, keep rolling it. This way you may keep your skin more secure from getting any scratch.

Now from some places while pulling off carpet the under lay will also be pulled up. But for most of the part of room the underlay would remain attached to floor because of being fixed in with staples. After removing carpet, you may use hammer to take off staples and than remove the underlay and finally you are done.

See how easy it is for you to remove the carpet yourself. Try it out and you’ll find doing it easy.

Removing Carpet From Hardwood Flooring

Removing a carpet from normal floor is easier as compared to removing it off the hardwood flooring because in that case there are more chances that you may damage your floor. For removing carpet off hard wood floor the precautionary measures will go the same way. Tools will also be same as mentioned above.

First thing you need to do is that cut the carpet into strips of around 4 to 5 feet broad and of whole room length. This you may do through the sharp knife or the sharp big paper cutter. But be a little careful to not to cut in too deep that it would damage your floor.

After cutting all the strips you would have to start pulling up each of the strip from the wall towards the smooth- edge. Now roll the piece of carpet and wrap it with duct tape in two three layers so it remain rolled. Now put it outside the room as this piece is ready for disposing off. Repeat the same procedure for under lay.

Now remove all strips of carpet and underlay the same way. Just leave one part of underlay so that you may wrap the smooth-edge into it so that all those tiny nails don’t hurt you.

Now just check for staples and nails in floor and remove them. Once done with this you are ready to dispose off your carpet.

See how easy it is to remove carpet of the floor be it normal flooring or a hardwood flooring, all you need is just time and patience. The biggest benefit that you will have by doing this job yourself is that you will enjoy saving all that money that you would have given to removers for removing this carpet. So enjoy that extra amount, have a part.

Removing And Disposing Of Old Carpet


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