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How To Sell Your Home Efficiently

Updated on December 14, 2016

Here are some golden rules to follow if you want your home to be sold quickly and well.

1. The first impression is always the right

Your home should appeal to the buyer at first glance. Tidy up the fa├žade, clean entry and manicure field. These low-cost improvements that will make your home more attractive, can greatly influence a potential buyer... and we know it, buying a home is not rational.

2. Get an inspection before the inspection

Perform an inspection to find and fix problems before the sale. So you attest that your home has been well maintained. You will also be ready to answer any questions of a potential buyer. Do not forget to check the functioning of valves, sanitary and heating.

3. Choose paid renovations

You need to do some renovations and your budget is limited? Invest in pieces that are paid as the kitchen. In 85% of cases, it is what will sell the house! You have pennies, tackle the bathroom and the entrance to the house.

4. Eliminate clutter inside

Make the rooms and hallways to be clear and appeared larger. Above all, avoid the house looks cluttered. You are about to move? Store your boxes until the sale of house.

5. Empty wardrobes in half

Yes, visitors will open the doors of wardrobes. Drain them in half to show the storage capabilities of your home. It is a simple and effective trick.

6. Consider odor

Nothing worse than going into a house and being greeted by strong or pugnacious odors. Perform a thorough cleaning and open the windows to circulate air. Then, heat a few cinnamon sticks in a pan for a sweet-smelling of spices to be spilling in all rooms. You prefer flowery aromas? Choose a bouquet of lavender. Finally, if you have a pet, empty the litter, clean the bowls and place your pet in pension during the open doors.

7. Fix the sale price thoughtfully

Even if your house is for you the most beautiful in the world, you must consider the market when you decide the selling price. Check with your agent and do some research to find out how much other properties are sold in your neighborhood. Make comparisons with other similar houses elsewhere in the city. And do not let yourself be guided by greed. It is best to display your home at a reasonable price and sell it quickly than asking an extravagant price, and have it for years on hands.

8. Do not skimp on the photos

More and more potential buyers use the Internet to find the home of their dreams. Nothing attracts and retains them such as good pictures! Present all the rooms of your home in the best day by photographing on sunny light. Your photography skills are limited? Call a professional.

9. List your home strategically

On retail sites like, make sure to reach a maximum number of potential buyers by opting for a price that will be listed more often. For example, if you intend to sell your property approximately $ 400 000, register it at $ 397 000 rather than $ 403 000. Your home will be offered to users whose budget limit is $ 400 000 as well as those who want to spend a little more.

10. Always ready

Selling a home takes time and availability. Remain accessible at all times in order to respond quickly and efficiently to queries of agents as buyers. Make sure your property is always in order and ready to welcome visitors.

Your agent presents with potential buyers? Leave the house immediately. Agent and visitors can discuss openly without hurting your self-esteem.


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