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How To Speed Clean Your Kitchen

Updated on January 12, 2013

How to clean your Kitchen Fast! Fast and easy cleaning tips for your kitchen. Keep your Kitchen clean longer. Speed Clean Your Kitchen

You work all week, come home help the kids with homework, make dinner, then prepare for the next day all over again. By the time Saturday hits the last thing you want to do is CLEAN! Besides bathroom cleaning Kitchen cleaning can be a very daunting task, and it can take all day if you don't know how to speed clean to get the job done faster so you can enjoy your weekend with your family, or doing things you really like to do. Next I will give you some speed cleaning tips on cleaning the kitchen.These time-saving tips will help out a lot.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

  • mop
  • broom
  • counter top cleaner
  • glass cleaner or stove top cleaner
  • clean microfiber dish towels(no sponges they carry bacteria)
  • floor cleaner
  • bucket
  • Dawn
  • Pledge or Lemon Oil

Normally we would start top to bottom when cleaning the Kitchen. First thing first REMOVE all your kitchen appliances that you are not using everyday in your cupboards. This will make cleaning your counter tops quicker.

First things first run a sink of soapy hot water. If you have dishes then scrap off any excess food left on the dishes into the trash cans and put the dishes in the sink of hot soapy water. Let then soak for a few minutes.

While the dishes are soaking begin cleaning off the counter tops pushing any food particles that are on the counter top onto the floor, then wipe down the refrigerator. Next take the dishes out of the sink and place then in the dishwasher(if you have one) if not wash and dry the dishes by hand. Then wipe down the sink.

Get a clean bowl and put a little water in it and place it into the microwave and put the microwave on for 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes remove the bowl and get a clean microfiber wash cloth and put a little dawn on it and wipe out the microwave. Then wipe down down the stove top after wiping down get a dry microfiber dish cloth and spray it with glass cleaner and shine your stove top.

Take a cloth and add some pledge or lemon oil ( I prefer lemon oil) and give a wood cabinets and refrigerator a quick shine to help with finger prints. (tip) Don't use too much of either product just a little to the microfiber cloth.

Sweep and Mop Floors. Then Take out the trash. I these tips help you with speed cleaning your kitchen giving you free time to do other things.


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