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How a Realtor Makes Selling Your Home Easier

Updated on April 17, 2013

You won't pay commission when you sell your home on your own, but you will wait a lot longer to make the sale. What many people don't realize is that there are things a realtor can do to make your home sell faster. Whether it's being able to properly price your home or connect with a large network of realtors, a realtor can make selling your home easier.

Prices Your Home Based on Research

A realtor is able to make an educated decision on how your home should be priced. By looking at comparable homes that have sold in the past as well as those that are on the market, a realtor can come up with a price that will help you get the home sold quickly. A realtor can also come up with pricing strategies that you may not have considered. More importantly, a realtor keeps you grounded and ensures that you don't overprice your home.

Gives Tips on Staging the Home to Sell

If you've watched any shows about real estate, chances are you understand the importance of staging your home. A realtor will give you advice on what needs to be done in order to make your home more appealing to buyers. He should be able to suggest paint colors, how furniture should be placed, and what should and shouldn't be displayed.

Schedules Open House Events

Open house events allow your home to be seen by hundreds of people in a short period of time. While you can certainly run an ad in the paper, a realtor can contact his network of realtors and bring hundreds of people through the home. This can get your home sold quickly and can even lead to multiple offers.

Uses His Network to Increase Traffic

Another way a realtor can use his network of realtors is to increase the traffic the home sees. Even when you're not hosting an open house, other realtors may have buyers that are interested in your home. It pays to have a realtor so that you get the most traffic possible and the best offer possible.

Makes Online Viewing Easier for Buyers

Last, but not least, a realtor can make viewing your home online quick and simple. Many realtors have websites that allow buyers to view pictures and even take virtual tours of the home. This is a great way to show off your home's best features. It's also an advantage to selling the home because potential buyers can see the home without coming to the home. This ensures that only the truly interested buyers will come for a viewing.

People have become DIY obsessed. The truth is there are times when you need a professional and selling your home is one of those times. While you certainly could do the work yourself, chances are it would take longer and your home would sell for less than if you'd used a realtor. Hand the reigns over to someone who does this for a living and can get you the best offer and out of your home in the shortest amount of time.


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