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How do I know What Size Electric Baseboard To Get?

Updated on December 19, 2009

If you have a small room or addition that you just can't run extra duct work to, adding a small electric baseboard heater to keep warm.  Even though electric heat is not efficient, it can still be used as a green element as long as the product produces and uses less than the total  usage for that previous period.

In order to estimate how large of an electric baseboard heater we will need, I first need to figure out the length and Width of the room.  After you have that, multiply the length X width = Room Area.  Then multiple the Room Area x 6.  This should tell you the total wattage of the electrical baseboard you need. All electric baseboard sizes are determined by wattage.

This formula will work for any convecting electric baseboard heater.  The actual


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