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How effective is Everlast epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics?

Updated on January 10, 2013

Choosing the perfect flooring influences the ambiance of your surroundings in a great way and epoxy flooring are increasingly becoming popular in recent times. While the elegance and charm of the building is largely enhanced, perfectly installed flooring offers greater durability to your infrastructure. One of the important aspects that need to be considered before choosing the flooring type is the nature of your work. For surfaces like commercial kitchens that need higher level of maintenance, you need to choose flooring types that are easy to clean, seamless and non-porous. Another important consideration is the presence of pets. Especially with veterinary clinics, furry guests are a common scene every day. Everlast epoxy flooring offers the perfect choice to manage your flooring in a neat and healthy atmosphere. Here are three important features of Everlast Epoxy floors.

Healthy ambiance

The health of pets is an important concern for anyone. People do not like the idea of taking pets to an unhygienic area. Everlast Epoxy flooring are constructed in a single layer and seamlessly occupies the entire base, covering the troughs and walls. There are no creaks or leaks to accommodate sand, germs or grime. Moreover, everlast epoxy floors comes with an antimicrobial additive that is EPA certified. This anti microbial additive prevents the formation of germs and micro organisms in an efficient way. While the foul odor is reduced, the flooring remains stronger and durable.

Incredibly magnificent

Another important feature of Everlast epoxy flooring is the perfect finish. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. The flooring designs are highly creative and offer a magnificent delight to viewers. With hundreds of amazing designs available at your disposal, pet lovers as well as pets will love to visit your clinic more often. As epoxy floors are easy to clean, the sparkling elegance can be maintained with little maintenance.

Durable performance

The flooring of a building requires huge investment. For this reason, you cannot change or remodel it frequently. While choosing the flooring type, you need to be attentive enough to go for durable and high quality material. For veterinary clinics and homes that accommodate large number of pets, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice. The rich resin seamlessly integrates into the concrete during the curing process and offers a durable infrastructure. The seamless layer does not contain any cracks or leaks and thereby prevents the formation of germs and micro organisms to a greater extent. As epoxy floors are easy-to-clean, dust, debris and hair can be cleaned off on a regular basis to maintain the healthy ambiance and incredible elegance of the floor.


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