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How to Avoid Bed Bugs? New, Easy and Effective Tips to Live Bed Bug Free

Updated on November 11, 2010

How To Be Bed Bug Free

If you get bedbugs in your apartment this will be seriously detrimental to your well being for a while. You will miss sleep and need to go through a ton of extra work to get rid of bed bugs and lose money to disinfect furniture and clothes. The best solution to bed bugs is simple: don't get them. Pay attention to these tips to be bed bug free and avoid bed bugs forever!

Protect Your Bed

1) Buy a Mattress Cover. Invest in a mattress cover for bed bugs that is well stitched and sealed. Mattress protectors are much easier to clean than the mattress itself. Try to get one that is not made of plastic as the sound of the plastic will bother you. If you do get a plastic one, then you can use a thick mattress pad to avoid the noise.

2) Invest in a bed with a metal frame. See, bed bugs most of the time build their nests in wood. It is not good to have a cheap frame made of untreated wood. It will be very hard for bedbugs to keep living on a metal service. Remember, they make their nests close to their food source; your blood! So, if you can prevent them from climbing up by your side while you sleep, chances are you will not get bed bugs. Bed bugs are nocturnal. You will not see them unless you wake up in the middle of the night. Keep bed bugs away from your bed, they will be away for good.

Getting a mattress cover will give you a lot of peace of mind, you can wash it every few weeks.

Avoid Bed Bugs before they begin to snack on you!
Avoid Bed Bugs before they begin to snack on you!

Eucalyptus smells really nice and it will definitely keeps bed bugs in your building away from you!

Don't let bed bugs in through the door

3) Put eucalyptus on your threshold, and the legs of your bed. Bed bugs hate eucalyptus. If your neighbors have bed bugs than a little eucalyptus will really help you keep them away. Again, if you keep them away from your bed, you will not be in big trouble.

4) Do not put clothes you wear in crowded places like movie theatres back into your closet.  Keep your coats on a separate hanger. Don’t get obsessed with this, but if you go to see a movie in a theatre that has cushion seats, vacuum your coat when you get back home and wash your clothes.

5)DO NOT bring in furniture from the street!  Bed bugs are a huge problem in New York, because people in New York share a lot of furniture. It is very common for everyone to pick up furniture from the street. Well, remember, maybe that stuff is on the street because it has bed bugs.

Keep these tips in mind, keep the bed bugs away

6) When you are moving to a new building ask the neighbors to make sure that there have not been a bed bug problem in your prospective apartment.

7) Some people are not allergic to bed bug bites and will not know the problem until it has become a huge bed bug infestation. Therefore, examine around your bed carefully every couple of weeks, and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

8) Vacuum seal your clothes in either huge zip loc bags or space bags before you put them in your suitcase when you travel. Make sure to clean your suitcase well when you come back from the airport or a hotel. Hotel bed bugs can easily get onto your belongings.

9) When you have a visitor, ask them to run their clothes in the dryer even if they are clean and put their suitcase in a plastic bag.

10) When you buy new furniture, avoid anything that has unfinished parts. Prefer glass or metal furniture when you can.

With these tips hopefully you will never need to read about how to get rid of bed bugs!


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    • mirage erin profile image

      mirage erin 7 years ago

      No, I am not saying stay out of hotels, I'm only saying be cautious what you bring back home. There are chances of getting bed bugs everywhere including the vacation rental you are promoting.

    • JCatapano profile image

      JCatapano 7 years ago from Cedar Grove, NJ

      Another option, Erin is just staying out of hotels. More often than not, hotels are cleaned fairly well, but not necessarily fumigated properly. What most people don't know are the other options of vacation amenities. Vacation rentals are an excellent option to avoid bed bugs. Now, you may think that someone's home is more likely to have bed bugs than a hotel, but if you book through a site like, then you'll be given the guarantee of a clean, safe place to stay. Check out the site and see how you like it! Let me know what you think! :)