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How to Avoid Being Evicted When Eviction Seems Inevitable

Updated on May 28, 2018
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I have had my own issues with coming up with rent. This is to help people find a quick solution and a long term financial solution.

Know Your Options

There are many reasons people fall behind on rent. The most common one being a job loss. Other common reasons can be issues with noise complaints, damage to the landlords property, or bills past due. Too many complaints against you by other tenants can give your landlord motive to kick you out. The first step to protecting yourself is knowing your rights. Laws differ from state to state. Make sure you read your lease. It should have all of the reasons that are ground for termination. Your landlord is to provide you with a quiet and safe environment. Look to make sure he/or she is not breaking the lease themselves. Below are some strategies to keep you from getting a dreaded eviction on your record. Depending on how late you are there may be hope.

Job Loss

Most of us will change jobs, get fired, or get laid off at one point in our lives. When your rent is due it can put tremendous stress on a person. Reach out to friends or family. Not only for emotional support, but for financial. I'm not saying have them support you forever. Ask them for a loan. The last thing you want to do is take out a high interest loan and end up with debt. If that is not a option, your first step is to call the landlord. You may feel embarrassed or scared he will try to kick you out that day. That is extremely unlikely to happen and very illegal. He will probably understand. Unless, it has been a ongoing issue with late payments. Some lease's give you a grace period. Other leases may charge late fees after so many days. That is why you should look at your lease before calling. Let him know your situation. Give him a realistic date you will be able to pay. Evictions can turn into a lengthy and timely process. It may be easier for your landlord to just accept the late payment. If your landlord is wanting to evict you, say you don't have the most pleasant relationship, then take this into consideration. In most states your landlord will have to give you notice before he can evict you. That gives you usually 5-10 days to resolve conflict. The letter most likely will come 8-10 days past your rent due . That gives you some time to get money. Google the nearest temp agencies near you. They will have entry level labor and office positions. Usually temp agencies hire on the spot. That may make it possible to pay rent before he can evict.

Damage To Property

First off, always take pictures of any damage you notice right away. No matter how minor or major it is. If your being evicted due to damage that is not caused by you, and there is evidence that it was probably there before you, I suggest going to court. It is likely your landlord will try to take your security deposit and probably sue. Gather all evidence and witness that you have. Now, if the damage was caused by you and it was an accident, talk to your landlord. If he is already threatning eviction, it may be difficult to talk it out. If you can afford to fix it, tell him your willing to take care of it. You can ask him to write a document stating that you will fix it within a certain time frame. He may be willing to work with you.

Late Bills

Depending on what bill it is setting you back your best bet may be to pay the rent. If your being taken to court over them than you should consider that. Call your creditors and tell them you will be late. If you are dead set on paying the bill then think of ways to get extra cash. There are plenty of sites, like Amazon, where you can sell stuff for fast cash. Head on down to a local pawn shop. Explain to them why you are selling your prized possessions. They may throw in a few extra bucks. Check out Craigslist for side gigs. Always be weary of what doesn't seem legit.

Emergency Assistance


Charities, Crowd sourcing, and Government Assistance

There are many programs that help people obtain help for free. Below are some entities that may be able to assist you when you are really behind and out of options.

Charites: Catholic Charities, United Way, Salvation Army

Crowd Sourcing: Go Fund Me, Facebook, You Caring

Government Assistance: HUD, your local township

Don't Stress

Nobody is perfect and we all fall on financial hardships at times. I hope that this article gives you some ways to get some extra money fast. Below is one of my favorite books related to financial hardship. The book is by David Ramsey. I have read it and it has helped me with my financial hardships. I've learned how to manage my money, so I wont ever have to worry about eviction. If you are going through eviction, get an attorney. The court may appoint one for you. If the eviction is unavoidable, learn from it. You have to know what caused the eviction. Whether it is due to recklessness, financial struggles, or the landlord himself, you need to learn how to avoid the situation. Don't stress, you will more than likely be able to rent again. Look for private owned properties. Explain to the landlord why you were evicted and try to be honest. If it was your fault, admit it. The more you take responsibility, the more it shows you are able to handle the responsibility of paying rent on time. The above information is a possible quick fix to your eviction scare. Its important to find a permanent solution to your financial issues.

The Financial Peace Planner By Davis Ramsey

The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family's Financial Health
The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family's Financial Health
This book can help you plan, budget, and understand your financial problems. I've actually managed to find financial peace. This book helped me get out of the late on rent cycle I was going through by helping me budget my money and teaching me how to save.

© 2018 Jeanna


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