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How to Build a Fish Pond or Garden Pond for Aquaponics

Updated on August 2, 2015

Items we will need for the Pond

  • Fish Pond Liner
  • Water Pump
  • Place to Plug in the Pump
  • Filter for the Pump (later this will be our plants)
  • Fish
  • River Rock and or Blocks
  • Well or Spring Water

Do I need a fish pond liner?

Backyard aquaponics farming can use kiddie pools, IBC Totes, fiberglass tubs, but do not use anything with zinc in it. Zinc kills fish.

Using a pools will be the cheapest but will require constant replacement do to the plastic breaking down and coming apart. A pool breaking could cause a lot of fish to be lost. A pool will not pass the food safety guidelines established by the FDA if you are planing to eat or sale the fish.

IBC totes may of may not be FDA approved, but should last a little longer than a pool.

Pond liners can be used if you plan to sale your fish for people to eat. Dura Skrim is organically certifiable, rated as food safe and will outlast a pool. However a liner needs something to rest on or in like a hole in the ground or a box. A pond liner can not support its-self like a pool can.

Fish Pond Build for Aquaponics or Just to Injoy

Time for the Plants?

Give the fish pond time to build up nitrogen before adding any plants. Two months is plenty of time. If this is new fish with new water, plan for very few fish till the bacteria cycle is fully able to convert the ammonia to nitrate then to nitrogen. If there are to many fish, to soon, the ammonia level we get to high and kill the fish. After the ammonia/nitrogen cycle it going good, and our plants have been added, we can have a pound of fish per 4 gallons of water.

Items We Will Need for Our Plants

  • Grow media, like lava rocks or expanded clay.
  • A box to put the media into. This can be a pool, IBC tote or something built with a pool liner.
  • A pump. The same one, if used, above can be used for this.
  • Seed
  • Return pipe for the water.

The Plants can be Added to Any System


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