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How to Build a Shed Yourself

Updated on September 26, 2011

If you are like most homeowners after you have lived in your home for a while you start to notice that there is less and less room in the garage. Let’s face it as we build up our tools lawn equipment and other things the cars slowly stop being able to park in the garage. This is where an outside garden shed may be your best option to be able to reclaim some of that space.

There are many different types of sheds you can have I prefer the function and feasibility of a metal shed. They are light easy to setup and will withstand most elements that come to it.
Now once you have decided on the metal shed you need to figure out how much space that you need. You can pick up small metal sheds ate your local home store that come with step by step do it yourself instructions. They are relatively very simple to implement with no need for a foundation or other advanced building options for novice builders.

If you are looking for additional storage and strength against the elements then I suggest that you go for a prefabricated shed building or a whole garage kit. These can also be built with the step by step plans that come with it. For added strength and durability they can also be built over a concrete foundation. The additional strength will enhance space, your supplies and projects even safe guard against thieves.

Another benefit of pre-fabricated designs for larger shed is they come in a variety of designs. It saves in the process of expenses because it is an entire kit and it comes with everything you need pre drilled and even windows. You can also choose colors, insulation ect along with what you want it to do to match your home décor.

Once you have purchased your shed you can follow the step by step guide that comes with it or follow these simple steps.

  1. Level Site. Find a solid piece of grounding to establish your foundation on. Consider having the ground tested for sink holes if you live in a area that has them frequently.
  2. Pour foundation I always prefer to have them come a couple of days ahead of time before the shed arrives to ensure the foundation is solid and dry/
  3. Primary Framing of I-beam, columns, and rafters
  4. Secondary Framing of girts, purlins and framed openings.
  5. Install Wall and Roof Sheeting. This is a good time to think about other aspects of weather proofing. Drainage of water ect..
  6. Install Trim and Accessories.
  7. ENJOY your own prefabricated shed and make a little extra room for your Car J


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    SusieQ42 6 years ago

    Great idea, and you've even included a diagram with your hub. I wrote an article for textbroker on how to build your own shed. Thanks for the info, voted up and interesting.