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How to Childproof the Home

Updated on May 11, 2011


Is your baby beginning to walk around the house now and his curiosity is alert? Well even though it is great he is exploring, he may get injured. There are ways to childproof so your little curious explorer will not get hurt.

 Install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. You can also install them at certain doorways of rooms that you do not want your child exploring. Begin moving cleaning supplies and medicines from any bottom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. Place them on a high shelf in the laundry room or linen closet. Also install child resistant locks on all cabinets that a baby can and will try to open. Place lid locks on all toilet stools. A baby could easily open and fall in. Also keep the bathroom door shut for an extra safety precaution.  Put plastic covers on all electrical outlets that are not being used. This way baby will not try to stick his toes, fingers or objects into the sockets. Also keep electrical cords wrapped up and behind furniture if possible.

Remove any glass vases or ceramic items off of coffee tables or bookshelves that are in baby's reach. He could easily pick them up and break causing him to get cut by the broken glass.Remove any house plants from rooms that baby will be in on a regular basis. The baby may try to eat the leaves and could get poisoned.

Tips and Warnings

Do not use table cloths.

When you are shopping for furniture, buy tables and even chairs with rounded corners not pointy ones.

Do not buy any glass tables.


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