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How to Choose A Freezer For Your Home

Updated on August 20, 2009

So you have either purchased a new home, or your old freezer died on you and now you have to decide what type of freezer to purchase. However, if you were to walk into your local store that sells freezers you will probably be astonished at the choices that are available. Then you realize that the freezers sales person is going to be a little bit pushy to have you purchase one that he thinks will suit your needs, but it could be for an outrageously higher price than what you were planning on spending. I actually lucked out when I had to purchase my new freezer because the sales man that we had was my husbands God parent so we knew that we would be getting a great deal and wow did we ever get a great deal for all the amount of appliances that we purchased at that one time! However, he did help us pick out a great freezer and gave us some great tips to keep in mind for hte next time that we had to purchase a new freezer.

The first tip that he gave us for purchasing a new freezer is to try to estimate how much food you are going to have in your freezer for your family size. So for example I have a family of four and we really do not like going shopping all the time so we purchased a freezer that we can hold quite a bit of food. That way if the winter storms get bad enough to shut down our roads because of ice which has happened quite a bit here lately we do not have to worry about going out in the weather. So when you are looking at purchasing a freezer you will want to try to figure out how much food you want to keep frozen.

The second new freezer purchase tip is to make sure that it will fit into your home. Now I know that this tip is a no brainer, but it didn't matter because my freezer was actually a little bit longer than what I thought it would be when it got placed into my house. However, I made it work and love having this freezer because it is the proper size that I am able to keep most of my frozens in this deep freezer all the time.

The third tip for choosing a new freezer is to determine if you want an upright freezer or chest freezer. I know that for me I prefer having a chest freezer because in my own personal experiences they tend to keep the items frozen better than the upright freezers. However, if space is a limitation like I mentioned earlier you will want to consider using an upright freezer because of the smaller size in length compared to the chest freezer.

The fourth tip that I found on my own while looking at the various new freezers that are available is to look at the electric consumption. Now for some people the electric consumption is not an issue, but if you are on a tight budget an increase in one bill could break you. So you will want to try to find an energy star freezer which I know they do exist and if you had an older freezer you can easily see a decrease in your electric bill for a larger freezer. Which when speaking with the older owners that owned my home they told me what their electric bill was running and for a smaller freezer there energy consumption estimation was higher than what mine was for a much larger freezer.

While purchasing a new freezer can be a challenge because you do not have to purchase a new freezer very often you are able to find a great new freezer purchase at an affordable price. I know that these tips for purchasing a new freezer were given to me by a sales man that sells freezers who I trust so I know that these tips would be a great way to find a new freezer that will work for your situation and needs.


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      9 years ago

      My sister recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!



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