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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent for You

Updated on May 12, 2017

Real Estate Agent For You?

Why Need a Real Estate Agent?

When buying or selling a house yourself, it is often times helpful to have a Real Estate Agent’s expertise at your disposal to consult on property and financial decisions. Essentially, a real estate agent acts as a middleman (or woman) on behalf of the seller/buyer for the other party.

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Real Estate Agent Function Necessities

Real Estate Agents perform certain duties such as locating properties, arranging times with sellers to show the houses, negotiate contracts, and close the sale—all very simple but necessary things. It is important for the buyer/seller to choose a real estate agent that is right for them. If you choose a Real Estate Agent that doesn’t necessarily have your best intentions in mind, then it could end up costing you thousands of dollars and the property of your dreams. 

Real Estate Comission and Setting Up Property Price Range

In the case of selling a house, a Real Estate Agent works on commission, which guarantees them usually somewhere between 5%-7% of the sales price on the house. What this means is that on a house that sells for $300,000 at a lower end commission rate of 5%, the agent will receive and amount near $18,000. Now, considering that the higher sales price is aligns with the amount of commission, often times agents will mark up property prices in order to cover the cost of commission on the selling price.

It is important to find a Real Estate Agent that will remain impartial and keep your best interests in mind. You will want to find an agent that has experience with the property in question. Look into other houses in the neighborhood that are selling and see who those homeowners are using as a Real Estate Agent.

Picking The Best Real Estate Agent For Your Interest

Buying a house is another story. When buying a house through a Real Estate Agent it is crucial that you find someone who has your best interests in mind. If you call just any name in the paper or find one based on a property you’re interested in, you could be compromising your real estate decision. It is important to first find an agent, and then a property. People rarely end up buying a property they see advertised. They usually get stuck with that particular Real Estate Agent who might not have their best interests in mind. 

How To Pick The Best Real Estate Agent For You

The best way to pick a Real Estate Agent is to take recommendations from people you know personally with whom they have worked before and had good rapport. Any agent that you choose, should be a fully-licensed agent that sells or locates property full time in the area of your interest. Anyone less might not have the expertise and might not understand the history of the area that you are looking to buy.

A good way to test out an agents professional integrity is to ask them if they can refer other agents who are qualified enough to satisfy your particular needs. Most likely, if the Real Estate Agent is in honest practice, they will be more than happy to give the referrals, but should they hesitate, it’s a pretty good indication that they might not have your interests first and unbiased.

Hand Picking Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you are buying or selling a house, a good way to prevent yourself from obtaining a Real Estate Agent that doesn’t coincide with your needs, is to simply interview them. This may not be common practice but it makes perfect sense. If you are going to invest in their assistance, you have the right to know how the Real Estate Agent handles themselves and if they are willing to devote a little time to their clientele. Do your Real Estate Agent research, because in the end it will save you time, money, anxiety over decision-making, and the house that is perfect for you. 


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