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How to Clean Burnt Pots

Updated on January 6, 2012

Removing the burnt reside on a pan that you’ve scorched on the stove is practically impossible to thoroughly clean with conventional methods. There are several methods for cleaning burnt pots and pans. It may be necessary to repeat the steps for stubborn residues. If repeating the steps do not work, try another method.

These instructions are easy and the items you may need are:

Baking soda


Kitchen bags

Scouring pads or brillo pads for pots and pans






First method.Take some baking soda and pour it over the burnt area of the pan surface. Put a good amount of vinegar over the baking soda, which will leave a pasty combination. Mix the substance with your fingers to provide better consistency. (You can use gloves if you like but the mix won’t hurt you). Allow the mess to stand for half an hour. Wash the pan with water.

Second method. Get a heavy-duty plastic trash bag for the kitchen and check for any sign that it could leak. You can double bag if you are not sure. Put the pan inside the bag and pour ammonia on the burned area. Tie the bag tight to prevent air from getting in and out. Have the bag sit outside for one day. After letting the pan soak in ammonia, scrub out the reside with a pot and pan scouring pad. Rinse out the pan with water.

Third method. Fill a deep sink or container with water. The sink or container must be big enough to submerge the pan. Put the pan in the water and add a liberal amount of ice. Take about half a cup of salt (more if it is bigger than a standard size pot). Swirl the solution and inspect the pan often until the burnt reside is gone.

Fourth method. Find a deep sink or container and fill with shallow hot water. Put the pan under water and add baking soda on the burnt areas. Submerge the pot and let it sit with the baking soda mixture for twenty-four hours. After a day has passed, wash the mess with water.

Fifth method. In a sink or container, fill a solution of half vinegar and half water. The mixture should be enough of submerge the pan. Use more vinegar on charred areas that you judge are very difficult to more. Allow the pan to soak in this mix for a day. After a day has elapsed, rinse the pan with water.

Sixth method. An interesting way to clean a burnt pot is to soak it in crush tomatoes or tomato sauce for one or two days. The acid from the tomato juice can loosen the burnt residue on the metal surface. After soaking, just give the pan a good scouring with a cleaning pad. Repeat if necessary.

Seventh method. Another unconventional way to remove burnt remains on a pan is to cut up onions put it in the pan with water. Boil the onions for an hour and let the onion solution stand in the pan overnight. The result is that the burnt areas will be loose for cleaning using dishwashing soap and a brillo pad.


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