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How to Clean Grout Easily - Cleaning with Oxygen Bleach

Updated on May 13, 2011

Do you want to learn how to clean grout? Cleaning grout is one of those tedious jobs around the house that no one looks forward to doing. It ranks high up there with cleaning gutters. Grout is a type of cement that can be smooth or rough in texture. There are essentially two texture variations due to sand. Sand is added to provide strength so that the grout between tiles can take wear and tear; thus, promoting longevity of floors. However, sand in grout also creates tiny pores where staining can occur. Cleaning grout with rough texture is often an overwhelming task, as a homeowner is unaware of the correct cleaning method or receives invaluable cleaning information that can potentially ruin tile floors. The best way to clean grout is to purchase a grout cleaner that is specific for the task; however, if you cannot find a proper product then there is an alternative method. Here’s how to clean grout the proper way.

Tips: Did you know that there are three main types of grout? There are furan resin, epoxy and Portland cement based grouts that are available on the market. 

How to Clean Grout: Instructions

Buy oxygen bleach from one of your local retail outlets in a powder form. When buying, look on the back of each product packaging and choose the one that has that contains the highest amount of oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is recommended instead of chlorine bleach because the latter will remove the coloring in your grout. Chlorine is also very harsh due to fumes and is not recommended for use. It can cause respiratory problems for you, your family and pets inside your home. Oxygen bleach does not contain ingredients that are toxic.

Mix five to six cups of the oxygen bleach with three cups of water to form a very watery paste. Apply the paste to the grout with your finger or with a plastic drywall spatula. If your mixture is very watery, then gently pour the substance over the grout.  Take a soft bristled old tooth brush and gently scrub the mixture into the grout. After you have covered all of the grout between tiles, allow the mixture to sit for up to an hour. If your mixture is watery then allow up to two hours.

Fill up a bucket of warm water after allowing the solution to sit on the grout for an hour. Take an old rag and submerge it into the water then gently wring it out. Begin wiping all of the grout and rinse the rag often. Allow the grout to thoroughly dry before allowing dirty shoes or pets onto your floors.

Sealers & Protectors for Grout and Ceramic


Never use ammonia, chlorine bleach or strong acids to clean your grout – they may damage your tiles and grout. Never mix household cleaners as you can create toxic chemicals that can potentially put your life in danger.

If you have sealed grout then this method will not work for your floors. Sealed grout that was previously stained will not be removed from oxygen bleach. It cannot penetrate to stains. To properly clean your sealed grout, contact your sealant manufacturer for further instructions or the company that sealed your floors.


Consider having your grout sealed after a thorough cleaning. Sealing your grout will help protect stains and debris build up from occurring as frequently. 

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Cleaning Grout with Oxygen Bleach

How to Clean Grout? Oxygen bleach is the answer. Image courtesy of Tombre/
How to Clean Grout? Oxygen bleach is the answer. Image courtesy of Tombre/


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