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How to Clean Windows Quickly and Easily

Updated on November 20, 2012
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JohnMello is a writer, composer, musician and the author of books for children and adults.

Dirty windows can be a nuisance - and so can getting them clean!
Dirty windows can be a nuisance - and so can getting them clean! | Source

Cleaning windows can be a pain. There seem to be so many options available and so many different views on the best way to go about it. But is there an easy way that's guaranteed to do the job every single time? And one that doesn't require spending any money?

There is. This particular technique is a trick used by those in the know in Egypt. With so much dust in the air and limited resources, they've come up with a solution that makes use of everyday objects that most people have lying around the house. Not only that, but this method always works and leaves windows completely streak-free.

Just follow the few simple steps outlined below to get any window or similar surface spotlessly clean in a flash.

Why are Windows So Hard to Clean?

Cleaning any surface requires some form of cleaning agent. These naturally contain abrasives or soap, compounds that get rid of the dirt but also leave behind minute traces.

When you clean a surface in your home, such as the counter top or your bath tub, you can't see the residue left behind. But windows are transparent, so you can see any imperfections. Even though the window is clean - or at least as clean as any other surface - it doesn't look as clean as it should because of those deposits. That's why when you take dishes out of the dishwasher the plates might look fine while the glasses might look spotty or dull in places. Even for the dishwasher it can be a challenge to get glass 100% perfectly clean.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You might not use this technique on your favorite wine glasses, but as far as windows are concerned it's awesome. So let's find out what "tools" you need to get started.

Basic Window Cleaning Kit

To begin, you need three things. But don't panic - you've probably got all three of these somewhere in your house right now. The three things you need are:

  • Rubber gloves - you'll need these to protect your hands when using the next item in the list.
  • Newspaper - any old newspaper lying around will do. Crumple up a few pieces to prepare yourself.
  • Water - this technique doesn't use everything but the kitchen sink... but it does make use of the kitchen sink.

Once you've got your three items ready, you're good to go.

Rubber gloves are not essential, but they will keep your hands free of newsprint
Rubber gloves are not essential, but they will keep your hands free of newsprint
Crumple up some sheets of newspaper
Crumple up some sheets of newspaper
Plain old tap water works a treat
Plain old tap water works a treat | Source

Simple Window Cleaning Method

Once you've assembled your "tools" it's time to get to work. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Wet one of the crumpled pieces of newspaper under the tap or in the sink. You want it to be wet enough to glide over the surface of the window smoothly and gently, but not so wet that it starts to fall apart in your hands.
  2. Wipe the window with the wet newspaper, and then dry it off with the dry newspaper. Use as much dry newspaper as necessary to remove all of the water.
  3. Stand back and admire your handiwork.

That's all there is to it. You can use the same technique to clean any window surfaces in your house, your car or your office. It works on mirrors as well.

Wet some of the crumpled newspaper
Wet some of the crumpled newspaper
Wipe the window pane all over with the wet newspaper
Wipe the window pane all over with the wet newspaper
Wipe off the wet window surface using dry crumpled newspaper
Wipe off the wet window surface using dry crumpled newspaper
Ta-da! Clean windows!
Ta-da! Clean windows! | Source

The whole operation only took about 10 minutes. The other great thing about this technique is that it always produces spotless results, so that once you've done it you can relax. There's no need to go back over spots that you've missed - like you have to do with some other methods - because it works so incredibly well.

Here's a "before and after" picture of the window just to show you how effective the technique really is:

On the left, the dirty window. On the right, the window after cleaning.
On the left, the dirty window. On the right, the window after cleaning. | Source


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    • JohnMello profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from England

      Thanks Lisa.

    • profile image

      Lisa Lorenson 

      6 years ago

      Funny topic to choose. I have seen this work very well, and have yet to try it. I know my windows could use it... thanks for the reminder.


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